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super smash bros for 3ds xl bundle

It is a well known fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the most dominant console in the Japanese market. Last year Nintendo’s handheld had an exceptional year of quality releases, ranging from Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 4 and the ever-so-popular Pokemon X&Y. With so many great titles launching in a single calender year, it comes […]

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protean froakie protean frogadier protean greninja

Greninja is arguably one of the best new generation Pokemon – he is very fast, has a respectable special attack and an awesome ability in Protean. Then it comes at no surprise that Greninja is a threatening Pokemon late game – particularly with its impeccable coverage. Like I mentioned above Protean is a vital weapon […]

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pokemon x&y 2ds  bundle

Limited Edition Pokemon X&Y 2DS Bundles arriving Down Under Nintendo of Australia has announced that they will be bringing a Limited Edition Pokemon X&Y 2DS bundle Down Under. Two SKU will be available to purchase: A Black+Blue 2DS with Pokemon X pre-installed or a Black+Blue 2DS with Pokemon Y pre-installed. The new 2DS bundle will be […]

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Pokemon X&Y Legendary Event Pokemon Hoopa Information Leaked Last year, I reported that a hacker revealed the existence of 3 event Pokemon hidden amongst the code of Pokemon X&Y. The  event Pokemon are Diancie, Hoppa and Volcanion. Now, we do not know a great deal of information about these Pokemon, other than their names, typing […]

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mega scizore scizorite

How to Find Scizorite? Scizorite Not Appearing In Frost Cave? I’ve recently gone back to Pokemon X&Y to apply the finishing touches for my competitive Pokemon team. One of the final pieces of the puzzle is obtaining Scizorite for my Mega Scizor. Thinking it was a standard affair – unfortunately – I did run into […]

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I don’t know how this piece of information escaped me – especially since I am a massive Pokemon fan – nevertheless – no harm was done. What am I talking about? Well, I just recently discovered (around 1 hour ago) – that a Pokemon X&Y spin-off anime is running simultaneously to the Pokemon animated mainline […]

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mega evolutions

The Strongest and Weakest Mega Evolutions I love Pokemon Mega Evolutions. There is something attractive about the concept of Pokemon elevating to another level beyond a normal form. Pokemon going Super Saiyan is how I like to describe Mega Evolutions to to my friends.  Mega Evolution’s make – what was already a complex metagame – even […]

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coro coro

The latest issue of Coro Coro magazine may have revealed a second mega evolution of Mewtwo and confirmed a Mega Evolution for Garchomp. The cover of the Magazine reveals two Pokemon that resembles Mewtwo and Garchomp but in Mega form. If you look at the bottom right corner you can see a Mewtwo like Pokemon […]