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By Michael On 18 Jul, 2014 At 11:42 AM | Categorized As Blog | With No Comments
write for us is currently looking for contributors. If you have a creative mind, enjoy writing and love Nintendo then becoming a writer at might be a good opportunity to hone your skills, and let your voice be heard in the form of words. Mii-gamer is looking to expand its content base, however, to do so, we need […]

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pacquaiao mii fighter

I love Sakurai’s approach to the Mii Fighters! In my opinion, it was ingenious to have the Mii Fighters customizable, not only in looks, but also in movesets and types. The idea of “anyone can join” the battle will ultimately result in some hilarious looking Mii Fighters – that will surely have the room caught […]

By Michael On 8 Jul, 2014 At 08:27 AM | Categorized As Blog | With 78 Comments
splatoons (feature)

I keep hearing the narrative that Nintendo does not make any new IP’ often, and it really baffles me, how individuals can honestly believe what is coming out of their mouths.  Frankly, I’ve had enough! I will once and for all dispel the BS narrative that Nintendo doesn’t make any new IP’s. What spurred me […]

By Jason On 25 Jun, 2014 At 05:27 AM | Categorized As Articles, Blog, Features, Opinion Piece | With 23 Comments

— No one can deny that 3rd party developers have pulled back support for the Wii U.  This looks ugly on its own: a large portion of the game libraries on the other systems are 3rd party, multiplatform games.  The reality is that without strong 3rd party support, the library of a system dramatically reduces […]

By Michael On 2 Jun, 2014 At 01:45 AM | Categorized As Blog | With 3 Comments
flower cup two stars

As part of my new social media strategy for Mii-gamer, I will be posting regularly in Miiverse. If you would like to follow me, or befriend me that by all means send me a friend request at my NNID – IEatFatKatz. I am certain almost every Nintendo fan is currently playing Mario Kart 8. My […]

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personal copy of mario kart 8

  May 31st marks the release of Mario Kart 8 in Australia. Of course, the first thing after hopping off the bed was to get my bum over to EB games to pick up my sexy limited edition copy of Mario Kart 8! Above is my very own copy of Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition – […]

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mega scizore scizorite

How to Find Scizorite? Scizorite Not Appearing In Frost Cave? I’ve recently gone back to Pokemon X&Y to apply the finishing touches for my competitive Pokemon team. One of the final pieces of the puzzle is obtaining Scizorite for my Mega Scizor. Thinking it was a standard affair – unfortunately – I did run into […]

By Daniel On 8 Nov, 2013 At 10:37 PM | Categorized As Blog, Wii U | With 1 Comment
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 1

  Hey Mii-gamers! I know this is a bit short notice, but I thought it’d be fun to have some gaming time with the site’s fans, and what better way to do so than by killing giant monsters? That’s right – I will be hunting this Saturday night starting at 8:00 PM (EST) and want […]

By Daniel On 7 Nov, 2013 At 04:41 AM | Categorized As Articles, Blog, Features, Uncategorized | With 4 Comments
Medli_Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 7.35.38 AM

Because it has been roughly a month since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, I thought it would be appropriate to have a discussion over one aspect of the game that I can’t help pondering over. As the title states, please be aware that there will be story spoilers in this […]

By Michael On 5 Nov, 2013 At 07:12 PM | Categorized As Blog | With No Comments
call of duty ghosts

You have no idea of what I had to go through to get Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U version. I spend 3 hours of hopping from shop to shop trying find a retailer that stocked the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. You would think specialist game retailers like EB games and […]

By Michael On 4 Nov, 2013 At 10:20 PM | Categorized As Blog, Guides | With No Comments

Blog: How to obtain Aerodactyl and the other fossil Pokemon! Wondering how to get Aerodactyl for Pokemon X&Y? Or Want to obtain one of the other fossil Pokemon? Then I hope this short article helps. Prerequisite Need to beat the game once. What you will need! You will need a Pokemon with “Rock Smash” Location […]

By Michael On 28 Oct, 2013 At 12:33 AM | Categorized As Blog, Pokemon of the Day | With 1 Comment
Mega Venusaur

Mega Venusaur Analysis, Movesets and More When Venusaur becomes Mega Venusaur, the flower on the Pokémon’s back blooms even more fantastically than before. Its legs and frame becomes more sturdy to support the weight of the huge flower. Venusaur gets a nice boost with a mega evolution. When Venusaur becomes Mega Venusaur, it’s base stat […]

By Michael On 25 Oct, 2013 At 11:46 PM | Categorized As Blog, Guides | With No Comments

Dex No. 714 Name: Noibat Type: Flying/Dragon Height; 1’08” Height: 17.6lbs They live in pitch-black caves. Their enormous ears can emit ultrasonic waves of 200, 000 hertz. [add_line height_line=”3″ color=”blue”] I’ve been struggling to find Noibat in Pokemon X&Y. According to Serebii, Noibat can be found in Terminus Cave and Victory Road. However, after hours […]

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roxio game capture hd pro

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review for Wii U. Recording high quality gameplay and uploading to YouTube can be an expensive hobby. A gaming HDPVR can easily cost over $200. If you are looking for a superb capture device at an affordable price then don’t look any further than the Roxio game capture HD Pro. […]