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In commemoration of the 1st Anniversary since the release of The Wonderful 101, Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games has proudly announced that The Wonderful 101 Official Soundtrack will be available for purchase on iTunes. The soundtrack contains 127 songs from the game, which is divided into 2 volumes at $10 each. The soundtrack has an extra treat […]

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5 Wii U Exclusives You Must Beat Before Mario Kart 8 Launches Mario Kart 8 is only one month away, and it will be the first worthwhile game for the Wii U, since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.  I, for one, will be spending hundreds of hours online – killing the competition like I did […]

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The Most Wonderful Heroes from “The Wonderful 101” (Warning there are spoilers in this article) If you have been following me on this site – then you would know I am a massive fan of The Wonderful 101.  Sure “The Wonderful 101″ is a little rough around the edges, but it is an experience like […]

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Why The Wonderful 101 is my Game of the year It has been a wonderful year for Nintendo fans regardless whether you own a Wii U or 3DS. Nintendo has delivered so  many incredible games this year for their fans – so much so – that it has become an incredibly difficult task for myself […]

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Go, Go – Power Rangers. Oh wait wrong super hero group. Diplomacy has failed! Team Unite – Roger! The Wonderful 101 is perhaps, the most enjoyable flawed experience in recent memory.  An undeniable exuberant charm, high octane action, epic set pieces, superb challenge and a deep combat system– the Wonderful 101 will appeal to the […]

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Hideki Kamiya, one of the developers behind Wonderful 101 took to twitter to speak to gamers hyped for their games. Usually most developers would speak in high regards about their game. In an usual move (albeit honest) said Wonderful 101 is a short game but incredible fun. If you like games would good length or […]

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Nintendo, as of late, has been terribly mum about their upcoming release schedule. What makes things worst is that Wii U owners are starved of games. With the next wave of Wii U games eventually coming in the next months or so, the Wonderful 101 could be the title that will break the drought. According […]