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super smash bros for 3ds xl bundle

It is a well known fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the most dominant console in the Japanese market. Last year Nintendo’s handheld had an exceptional year of quality releases, ranging from Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 4 and the ever-so-popular Pokemon X&Y. With so many great titles launching in a single calender year, it comes […]

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Mario Kart 8 (11)

5 Wii U Exclusives You Must Beat Before Mario Kart 8 Launches Mario Kart 8 is only one month away, and it will be the first worthwhile game for the Wii U, since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.  I, for one, will be spending hundreds of hours online – killing the competition like I did […]

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super mario 3d world cover

Nintendo has announced through Miiverse a Super Mario 3D World Art Academy Contest. Nintendo will be challenging the creativity and skill of Nintendo fans, asking them to create an artistic masterpiece that incorporates the theme of “Cat Transformations.” There are strict guidelines and rules to abide by, so be sure to read them carefully.   […]

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Super Mario 3D World Review As first impressions go – Super Mario 3D World had a horrid one. Making its first appearance at E3 2013 – the debut trailer was uninspired and lacked the typical Mario magic we have come to expect for each upcoming entry. I learned many years that you should not underestimate […]

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super mario 3d world

        Super Mario 3D World to feature live orchestrated music Don’t you just love orchestrated music? I know I do. It is no secret that Nintendo has the best and most recognizable themes that the industry has to offer. Nintendo’s mascot Mario has arguably the best amongst Nintendo’s Franchises. Super Mario Galaxy […]

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super mario 3d world

Nintendo Everything has found the box art for Super Mario 3D world. Now unfortunately, this was a leak- so the good folk back at NE could not find a shot – I guess this has to do for now. In my opinion the box art looks great – very eye catch and it will do […]