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Famed Video game Storyteller known for her work on the Final Fantasy and Xenogears series, and wife to Monolith’s Soft Testusya Takahashi – Soraya Saga has teased the appearance of X for E3 2014. For those unfamiliar with the insider knowledge, Saga san typically retweets the announcement of a Nintendo Direct or E3 plans to tease […]

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How long does Nintendo expect us to wait for this game? Seriously, the wait is killing me. Anyway to help ease the anticipation Nintendo has uploaded 2 minutes of uncut gameplay footage. The video showcases the combat system of the game, which implements an identical system to Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii. The best part of the […]

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Beside Super Smash Bros – Monolith Soft’s X is without a doubt one of the most anticipated Wii U game. With Monolith Soft behind the helm, whom is famous for the sublime Xenoblade Chronicles, you can begin to understand why the game is so hotly wanted. Monolith’s Soft website has posted numerous urgent job listings for what […]

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Nintendo’s financial results are always a rich source of information. Nintendo Financial reports typically have a rough release schedule for upcoming games. The latest reports suggest that the highly anticipated Monolith Soft’s X and Bayonetta 2 are both scheduled for this year. Bayonetta 2 was always bound for a 2014 release – as the scheduled […]

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Judgement day has arrived. Nintendo as finally announced the first Nintendo Direct of 2014. Via Twitter – Nintendo announced the Direct will air on the 13th of February at 2pm PT/5pm ET. The Direct will be sharing information on 3DS and Wii U titles that will be arriving before the end of Spring. Yusuke Hashimoto of […]

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  The Wii U is looking to be hardcore in 2014   Perception is vital to any gaming console. How a gamer perceives a console can influence whether they will buy it or not. Therefore, it is vital shape positive perceptions of their product.  The three main console makers has handled the perception of their […]

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What was the most Impressive game at Nintendo’s E3? Nintendo showcased many incredible titles during this years E3. Yes, I know it was a bit disappointing that we did not get to  see any Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero and a Super Mario Galaxy-esque game.  But who’s to say these game are not coming? My fellow […]

By Michael On 21 Mar, 2013 At 12:51 PM | Categorized As | With 1 Comment is currently looking for contributors. If you have a creative mind, enjoy writing and love Nintendo then becoming a contributor at might be a good pass time. You don’t need to be the worlds best writer just need to be passionate. There are no deadline. No time commitments. Contribute as little or as […]

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                                Nintendo restoring the faith of its core fans   Being a Nintendo enthusiast has been hard during the last few years. Nintendo has made a number of mistakes during the transitional period to new consoles which unfortunately have tainted […]

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  A spiritual sequel to the cult-classic Wii title, Xenoblade Chronicles – Xenoblade Chronicles X is arguably the most ambituous Wii U title to date, only second to the Legend of Zelda Wii U.  First revealed back in January 2013 – Xenoblade Chronicles X impressed fans with its beautiful graphics and expansive world scale. While Nintendo has provided pockets […]

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Believe! Members of Monolith Soft have a habit of retweeting announcements that are relevant to the company. For example, Legendary Storyteller – Soraya Saga  often does this when a Nintendo Direct has information on Xenoblade Chronicles X. It appears we are seeing it again, this time regarding the Super Smash Bros Announcement on Monday. Yuishiro […]

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Nintendo E3 Wishlist Part 2: Nintendo Fanboy Wet Dream Edition E3 is almost upon! All on board the hype train.! Choo! Choo! However, on the off chance that you are not hyped, and haven’t prepared your body for the massive Nintendo Digital Event, then I may be able to offer assistance. Nothing stirs up excitement better than a long […]

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Why E3 2014 Will Be Make Or Break For Nintendo Nintendo and its Wii U have been floundering with negative perceptions. To no fault of anyone, but themselves – Nintendo is unable to recognize that they are indeed a crucial factor in why the Wii U is failing to resonate with the masses. I hate to do this, […]

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Nintendo of Australia is always slow with the Nintendo Direct summaries, so I will have to use the press release taken from mynintendonews (full credit to them). So if you happen to miss the Direct or are not bothered watching the 41 minute presentation, you can read the summary below: And also I’ll be adding more […]