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By Jason On 27 Aug, 2014 At 04:49 PM | Categorized As Indie Spotlight, Reviews, Wii U, Wii U Reviews | With No Comments

Let’s preface this review by indicating that Soon Shine is essentially a mobile app.  Knowing this going into this review (and for those of you interested in purchasing, into the game) will set a clear bar for expectations.  Whether this game meets, exceeds, or falls below these expectations is what follows. Soon Shine is brought […]

By Lindsey Weedston On 27 Aug, 2014 At 03:21 AM | Categorized As 3DS, 3DS Reviews, Reviews | With No Comments
tangram attack

Don’t Create, Destroy     Remember how in elementary school you used to get those colorful blocks that were all squares and rhombuses and different sized triangles, and you could use them to make images of cats and houses and people? In Tangram Attack, you get to take all of those little block pictures and […]

By Jason On 25 Jul, 2014 At 05:30 AM | Categorized As Games, Indie Spotlight, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— I seem to like things in threes, much like many people do in many industries.  Having said that, my third and final (for now!) indie review is upon us! I review Armillo, a Wii U exclusive (at least for the time being) indie game brought to us by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games.  How does it […]

By Jason On 18 Jul, 2014 At 05:06 AM | Categorized As eShop, Games, Indie Spotlight, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Continuing with my support of indie games is my second indie game review in a row!  Let’s have a look at Dakko Dakko’s exclusive ‘Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails’ Wii U exclusive! To preface this review, I want you, the viewer, to understand that this game follows the formula of many Nintendo […]

By Jason On 11 Jul, 2014 At 05:36 AM | Categorized As eShop, Games, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Naturally, a good portion of the videogame industry is becoming indie games.  Whether these indie developers create games for mobile users (smartphones, tablets, etc.), or create them for gaming-oriented devices, these games are no longer something that can simply be ignored.  And with that, the Wii U is also becoming a fast-growing place of […]

By Michael On 21 Apr, 2014 At 01:48 AM | Categorized As Wii U News | With No Comments
giana Sisters Twisted dreams

Nintendo UK has announced discounts for Giana Sisters: Twisted Sisters for the Nintendo Wii U eShop. From developers Black Forest Team – Giana Sisters: T – as of now until the 24th you will be priced at a bargain price of £7.79 – around a £5 saving. I have not played the game – so I can’t give […]