Lindsey Weedston

Lindsey is a Seattle-based dork who writes sporadically about video games in between playing video games, because video games. She's also interested in political topics, but we don't need to talk about that here. She dabbles in cooking, cosplaying, having a cat, having Netflix on while playing the 3DS, reading weird fantasy, and occasionally going outside. All hail video games.

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The Keep Banner

Walking Around In Circles Walking Around In Circles What first caught my eye about The Keep was its simplicity. Its very name is simple, without the clever wordplay and random z’s typical of other indie games. I was pleased to find out that it’s modeled as a classic dungeon crawler – one of my favorite […]

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demon king box

Incomprehensible Fun     I’m going to admit something up front. I don’t like anime. Something about the style, the humor, and the general aesthetic puts me off. I tried not to let that color my judgement of Demon King Box (being the super ethical video game journalist I am), especially since the premise and […]

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tangram attack

Don’t Create, Destroy     Remember how in elementary school you used to get those colorful blocks that were all squares and rhombuses and different sized triangles, and you could use them to make images of cats and houses and people? In Tangram Attack, you get to take all of those little block pictures and […]