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By Michael On 21 Apr, 2014 At 03:49 PM | Categorized As Features, Opinion Piece | With No Comments
e3 2014

Why E3 2014 Will Be Make Or Break For Nintendo Nintendo and its Wii U have been floundering with negative perceptions. To no fault of anyone, but themselves – Nintendo is unable to recognize that they are indeed a crucial factor in why the Wii U is failing to resonate with the masses. I hate to do this, […]

By Michael On 7 Apr, 2014 At 02:36 PM | Categorized As Features, Opinion Piece | With 5 Comments
mario kart 8 (feature)

Nintendo needs to market the crap out of Mario Kart 8 Wii U is in a pickle right now! Games! Games! And more games are needed to make the Wii U appealing. Though the Wii U currently has the best line-up out of the three new consoles – Nintendo has failed to release these sublime […]

By Michael On 6 Feb, 2014 At 10:34 PM | Categorized As Features | With 2 Comments
corenered mr miyamoto

I purposefully waited before publishing this piece. In truth, I was devastated with the news that Nintendo will be posting another year in the red, despite the success of the 3DS and Pokemon X&Y.  By that I mean, how on earth did Nintendo It was appropriate to let the dust settle and let my mind […]

By Michael On 3 Jan, 2014 At 09:59 PM | Categorized As Features | With 2 Comments
Wonderful 101 (pic 1)

Why The Wonderful 101 is my Game of the year It has been a wonderful year for Nintendo fans regardless whether you own a Wii U or 3DS. Nintendo has delivered so  many incredible games this year for their fans – so much so – that it has become an incredibly difficult task for myself […]

By Michael On 19 Dec, 2013 At 06:54 PM | Categorized As Features | With 1 Comment
2014 new years

 2014 should be treated as a clean slate for the Wii U 2013 was a disaster for the Wii U. Even the most hardened Nintendo fanboy would find it difficult to defend the Wii U ‘s performance in 2013. Nintendo screwed up – this is putting it politely. In fact, I am still in disbelief […]

By Michael On 25 Nov, 2013 At 04:04 PM | Categorized As Features | With 1 Comment
Zelda A Link between worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds is a step in the right direction for the series Admittedly, I was not impressed with A Link between Worlds since its initial reveal, the game looked too pedestrian and safe by Nintendo’s standards. Luckily, First impressions are often wrong and boy was I wrong, despite the familiar […]

By Michael On 20 Nov, 2013 At 02:27 PM | Categorized As Features | With 10 Comments
super mario 3d world

Opinion: I honestly believe Super Mario 3D World will save the Wii U Much of the gaming community and the media that are not Nintendo fans have already written off the Wii U. I often hear the individuals and so called Journalists say “ the True next gen are going to destroy the Wii U”, “ the […]

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Medli_Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 7.35.38 AM

Because it has been roughly a month since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, I thought it would be appropriate to have a discussion over one aspect of the game that I can’t help pondering over. As the title states, please be aware that there will be story spoilers in this […]

By Michael On 26 Sep, 2013 At 09:23 AM | Categorized As Articles, Features | With 4 Comments
Bayonetta 2

Opinion: Nintendo should invest more in mature games. I anticipate that many Nintendo fans will disagree with what I have to say. Deservedly so, what I am asking Nintendo to do is something they tend to avoid like the plague and that being investing in mature games. Let me explain what spurred me to write […]

By Daniel On 15 Sep, 2013 At 07:36 PM | Categorized As Articles, Features, Uncategorized | With 8 Comments

    No one can deny that achievement systems have taken storm in today’s modern gaming landscape. Hundreds of articles of sprung up over the internet educating gamers of all sorts on which games to rent, decimate in a short amount of time, and reap the benefits of receiving a substantial boost to their gamer […]

By Michael On 12 Sep, 2013 At 11:38 AM | Categorized As Articles, Features | With 2 Comments
Mega Evolutions

Discover some of the incredible Mega-Evolved Pokémon that await in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be able to tap into a strength far greater than it could before. When a Pokémon becomes a Mega-Evolved Pokémon in battle, Trainers will have a great opportunity to turn a battle around and snag a […]

By Michael On 9 Sep, 2013 At 01:01 PM | Categorized As Articles, Features | With 9 Comments
wii u is doomed

I find it hilarious (and somewhat pathetic) soon after Nintendo announced the Wii U price cut we have many so called Journalist jumping the gun and calling the death of Nintendo. Just in a matter of days after the announcement of the price cut, the internet has an influx of “Nintendo is doomed” articles emerging. […]

By Michael On 5 Sep, 2013 At 02:16 PM | Categorized As Articles, Features | With 1 Comment
super smash bros for wii u  villager vs fox battlefield

Nintendo, please don’t screw up the online multiplayer for the next Super Smash Bros. The gameplay fundamentals for Super Smash bros have remained sublime ever since the original. No one can argue against the series pedigree as a high quality game on top of its genre. Clearly, from what we have seen so far, Super […]

By Michael On 3 Sep, 2013 At 12:15 PM | Categorized As Articles, Features | With 4 Comments

5 Pokemon that would look amazing with a Mega Evolution Mega Evolution has gotten me really excited for Pokemon X&Y. That’s not to say, Pokemon X&Y did not win me over before hand – but Mega Evolution has gotten me tremendously siked for October. There are still many mysteries behind this new transformation – but […]