Starting out with an original NES and brick-gameboy, Dan has been a gamer all his life. He intends to be a gamer until the day he dies, and aspires to amass a great gaming collection in the process. He has been a long-time follower of gaming media and hopes to bring more to Mii-gamer’s table as he continues his (long) studies towards earning dual doctorates as a MD/PhD after which he intends to continue research in immunology and autoimmune diseases.

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It’s Mario Kart! Mario Kart!   I know this review is a tad belated and perhaps a little redundant at this point. In truth, I did not want to rush myself into playing Mario Kart 8 just for the sake of posting up a review in a timely manner. I believe in the mantra, that […]

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pokemon trozei

I am a self-confessed Nintendo fundamentalist. As a fundamentalist, I believe Nintendo should always develop games exclusively for their own consoles. In all likelihood, I will always remain a Nintendo fundamentalist. Not surprisingly, any Ideas that suggest Nintendo should begin a business model that involves mobile gaming immediately grinds my gears. I am not going […]

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  Hey Mii-Gamers! It has been almost a full two weeks since Sonic Lost World hit North America, and you can expect our review to be up within the next few days. I apologize for the delay, but to tide you over I have a few tidbits of advice to minimize your frustrations with the […]

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 1

  Hey Mii-gamers! I know this is a bit short notice, but I thought it’d be fun to have some gaming time with the site’s fans, and what better way to do so than by killing giant monsters? That’s right – I will be hunting this Saturday night starting at 8:00 PM (EST) and want […]

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Because it has been roughly a month since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, I thought it would be appropriate to have a discussion over one aspect of the game that I can’t help pondering over. As the title states, please be aware that there will be story spoilers in this […]

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  Hey mii-gamers! Nintendo is slowly releasing more information on Super Mario 3D world as its anticipated release comes closer and closer. Just a few hours ago Nintendo of America uploaded a new TV commercial for the game on their youtube account. Non-surprisingly the big N is focuses on the game’s biggest feature in this […]

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Hey Mii-gamers! I am happy to report that Nintendo America just uploaded yet another gameplay trailer for a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on their youtube channel today. The new footage certainly shows how 3D effects may be utilized, and perhaps their utilization in this title will even surpass the 3D effects of […]

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At some points in our lives we all come to experience moments that will never be forgotten, but what are perhaps the most powerful of these events are those that occur during the innocence of childhood.  Sometimes, these moments are so commonly shared that they transcend experience of the individual, and go on to define […]

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super mario 3d world

Hey mii-gamers! Nintendo of America just uploaded a new episode of Nintendo Minute on youtube with a nice surprise: new gameplay footage from Super Mario 3D World! Although only two levels of shown, the video gives a nice impression of the game’s layout and starting difficulty. As with most Mario games, level 1-1 seems fairly […]

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2 days left_ X and Y Facebook page October 10 2013

Hey mii-gamers! As you all know, the Pokémon hype train is ahead roaring at full speed with the imminent release of X and Y this Saturday. From the sound of it Gamefreak has done an incredible job in updating and refining the online features in these newest entries to the series. As Pokémon is truly […]

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Hey fellow Mii-gamers! Following my review for the limited edition WWHD Ganondorf figure, I started thinking that it would be fantastic to continue establishing a forum to discuss Nintendo merchandise of all sorts. With that in mind, shan’t we start things off with a key piece of memorabilia from the North American Club Nintendo service […]

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The retail disc version of Wind Waker HD has finally arrived! More importantly, that also means that the special limited edition version of the game has finally reached eagerly awaiting fans as well. Due to the collectable nature of this product, I thought it would be appropriate to do both a mini-review of the package […]

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Screen Shot_MH3U 2013-09-27 at 2.30.11 PM

  I once read a comment on the Gamefaqs forums describing Monster Hunter as a game series in which you kill giant creatures and harvest their corpses to make into hats and pants, which then make it easier to kill more monsters to make into better hats and pants. It is quite comical how this […]

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WWHD1_2013-09-28 at 11.52.21 AM

  Reports went up across the net just yesterday that the previously sold-out Gamestop limited edition Wind Waker HD package that comes with a 5” Ganondorf figurine once again became available for online purchase (for the US). It appears that the well-desired collectable can still be purchased at the time of this posting, but I […]