Who is the strongest Pokemon champion?

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Pokemon Champion

Deathmatch: Who is the strongest Pokemon champion?

The greatest challenge for a wannabe Pokemon master is beating the Pokemon Champion. After beating the 8 Gym leaders and then the mighty elite four, the only things that stands between you and glory is the blasted Pokemon Champion.

Facing the Pokemon Champion for the first time is exhilarating, this is the moment where all  your hardwork pays off – the blood, sweat all leads to this moment. I have been a pokemon fan ever since the original – some Champions has resonated well  for being memorable battles. While others have simply fallen into obscurity and forgotten.

Having beaten the Pokemon Champion, thus becoming the strongest trainer in the Kalos region has got me thinking – which Pokemon Champion of past and present was truly the strongest?

It might be amusing to do a death match between the Pokemon Champions.  To start things off, here are my top 5 Pokemon Champions.

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blue oak


Champion of the Indigo Generation 1 : Blue Oak – The arrogant Rival

Oh the Nostalgia! Oh how I desire to return to those days. This list won’t have any credibility if it did not include Blue Oak, the original Pokemon Champion. The cocky rival that annoyed you throughout your journey, has now become champion and it is truly befitting  that you must usurp his throne to Pokemon Master. What made Blue Oak exhilarating is that his team  would counter your own, not to mention he has some of the strongest Pokemon of the generation. Alakazam!  Gyarados! Rhydon! These were some of the strongest Pokes back in the day.



Champion of the Indigo Plateau generation 2:  Lance – the dragon Master

The original Dragon Master made his debut in the first generation as an Elite Four after losing his title of Champion to Blue Oak in Generation 1. Luckily, in Pokemon Silver and Gold, Lance regains his titles. Lance loves Dragonite, so it comes to no surprise that his signature Pokemon is in fact Dragonite, lets not forget he has 3 of them. Lance is an easy opponent to defeat if you took advantage of Dragonite 4X weakness against Ice. His appearance in two games at the top level has Lance in my favorite Pokemon champions. Plus owning 3 Dragonites makes him a powerful trainer.


Champion of the Hoen League: Steve – the master of steels

Some Pokemon fans may not agree with Steven as a choice for greatest Pokemon Champion, but I remember the master of Steel giving me a hell of a challenge. Steven’s Pokemon doesn’t pack that much of a punch, but they can take a few hits. In my opinion his team is well balanced with good variety.  Steven’s signature Pokemon Metagross, is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, for this reason I must put him on the list.


Champion of the Sinnoh League: Cynthia 

Cynthia is simply awesome. My adoration started from the Diamond/Pearl and was strengthened through the anime. One simply cannot forget the ownage she bestowed upon Paul and the footage of Cynthia and Flint battling out is one of my favorite moments in Pokemon. Cynthia’s team is strong and varied. And her signature Pokemon Garchomp is one of the strongest Dragon’s in the games and certainly one of the coolest ever.


 Champion of the Kalos League: Diantha 

I am not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much from Diantha. Boy was I wrong! As Pokemon Champions go, Diantha is one of the toughest. Diantha team is well balanced with a good combination of  offensive and defensive Pokemon. Her deadliest weapon is Mega Gardevoir, whom can deliver powerful blows and survive hits as well.

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To decide who is the strongest Pokemon champion, it simply comes to an opinion of which champion has the best team. In my opinion, Cynthia has the strongest and most balanced out of the champions. If there were a tournament Deathmatch amongst the Pokemon Champion, with each master battling each other,  I honestly believe Cynthia will come out on top. Spiritomb, Roserade Gatrodon and Milotic are good defensive pivots. And Cynthia’s Lucario and Garchomp able to dish out good damage.

In imaginative battles – I can see Cynthia defeating Lance with Garchomp wrecking havoc on his Dragons. Blue Oak’s team simply is outdated and sadly outmatched (in my opinion that is). Stevens tank will put up a great fight with a number of tanks, but Cynthia’s Gastrodon and Milotic should have the steel masters measure. Diantha’s team, while good, is fairly fragile, therefore I can see Cynthia coming on top at the end of the battle.

Furthermore, Cynthia is by far the most publicized champion in the anime making regular appearances in Diamond/Pearl seasons and in cameo’s in Best Wishes, which says a lot about her caliber. Her battle against Paul cemented Cynthia position as one of my favorite characters of the anime series.

If I had to pick a runner up, it would be between either Steven or Diantha. In my fantasy , Steven would defeat Diantha with an incredible final Matchup against Metagross and Mega Gardevoir. However Metagross type advantage gives Steven victory.

Enough of my fantasy, which Pokemon Champion do you think is the strongest?



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  • Dr.Teabag

    Without a doubt cynthia. Only champion who has givin me a good challange. Runner up is Blue

  • Greg Blakely

    For Blue you should have put in his Fire Red and Leaf Green remake team. Especially if you started with Squirtle Blue would have Venasaur, Gyrados, Arcanine, Alakazam but replaces Pidgeot and Rhydon with Heracross and Tyranitar making his team really balanced type wise and full of powerhouses.

  • Natsu Dragneel

    Lance hands down. if having 3 underleveled dragonites who are fast as hell isn’t annoying, idk what is. his major weakness is ice, thats why taught my feraligator icebeam. Easy right? wrong because, like i said, his dragonites are fast and one shot you with thunder. the only way your gonna defeat lance is to train your ice pokemon to that point that it can outflight dragonite or give it a quick claw. Every other champion i defeated with ease or I at least didn’t have to try so hard. I never had as much trouble with a champion since generation 2; truly deserving on the title champion.

    • Δndrew Liu

      Dragonite has 80 base speed… that’s not fast at all

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  • Alexis Goitia

    I think DIantha has the problem of being too circumstantial a champion, she can wreck you or you can wreck her depending on which pokemon you have with you.
    Cynthia is probably the strongest and most balanced one, followed closely by Steven.
    Lance and Iris are really easy to beat with Ice and Electric attacks, Blue uses very meager pokemon, Alder’s team is too unbalanced (Too many fire weaknesses) and Wallace is just too much of a downgrade from Steven.

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  • Aneldo Amathiel Arosemena

    I only played until Gen 3 and i think Steven is probably the strongest(until gen 3) his team was balanced and Cradily is easly one of the most annoying and motherfucker pokemon that a champ can have

  • Red

    Honestly, these champions did not put up such a fight as Red did. BUT if I had to choose the best champion, it would be Steven. I have DESTROYED Cynthia’s team several times. Steel types like Metagross with Meteor Mash would destroy Garchomp.

    Plus, you spelled Hoenn wrong. Steven would unleash Aggron’s Hyper Beam on you if he ever found out.

    • Δndrew Liu

      Aggron has 60 base SpAtt… WTF do you expect to do with that?
      Also, his entire team has weaknesses to the ground type and parts are weak to water.

  • Jordi de Waard

    I beat the whole Hoenn e4 with a normal Kyogre lol ( lv 54 while the opponents were around lv 50).

  • Jordi de Waard

    And the Champ lol forgot to say. Furthermore I also think Cynthia is just OP and she is my favorite champ too ( she even comes close to favorite character in the animes).

  • Makc

    Iris and Cynthia are the only two that have ever given me a challenge, and honestly, I’m shocked that Diantha made the list over Iris. Literally half of Diantha’s party was used by other gym leaders, and the only thing that made her mildly interesting was that she had the first MegaEvo you had to fight in a Champion battle. Iris’ Archeops alone could wreck a huge portion of Diantha’s party with it’s insane type coverage with it’s moves (ie, Dragon Claw, Acrobatics, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Steel Wing, U-Turn, the list goes on), and that’s not even touching on her Hydreigon. I think Cynthia is about the only one that could put Iris in her place, and even then, it would be a close battle.