The 5 best Fairy Pokémon

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The Strongest Fairy Pokemon You Should Use

If you have been living under a rock, then it might come as a surprise that Game Freaks has introduced a new type in Pokémon X&Y. Fairies add an extra level to the rock- paper -scissor formula of Pokémon, not to mention that the new type successfully counters Dragons to a degree.

You will find fairy types to be particularly useful in battle with a number of properties to take advantage of.  What I have noticed about fairy Pokémon is that they typically have very good special attack and special defense.  Furthermore, many fairy Pokémon have the sublime move “Wish”, which is the perfect move to support ailing team mates that have low HP. However, the biggest perk of using fairies is the immunity to Dragon type moves.

With so many great properties and so many Pokémon to pick up from, it may be difficult to select the best fairy Pokémon for your team. To help my fellow Pokémon trainers, here are my picks for the best Fairy Pokémon.



Name: Sylveon

Number: 700

Type: Fairy

Description: Intertwining Pokemon

Ability: Cute Charm

sylveon stats





Sylveon is one of my favourite Pokemon of the new generation. Sylveon has all the traits to be a premier special wall. It has good defensive typing, good HP and special defensive stat – which makes Sylveon a well rounded Pokemon. Sylveon’s biggest asset is the move “Wish” in which he can pass on HP to wounded team members. In my opinion Sylveon is one of the best fairy Pokemon.



togekiss pic

Name: Togekiss

Number:  468

Type: Fairy/Flying

Description: Jubilee Pokemon

Ability: Serene Grace

togekiss stats





A once part normal type, now upgraded to a sublime fairy, Togekiss has to be on the list. Togekiss is one of the hardest Pokemon to take out. Simply because it has incredible bulk and access to Roost for recovery.  Togekiss bread and butter strategy paraflinching makes it  an extremely dangerous Pokemon. As such it is only befitting for Togekiss to be on the best of fairy Pokemon list.



mega gardevoir pic

Name: Mega Gardevoir

Number: 268

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Description: Embrace Pokémon

mega gardevoir stats





It comes to no surprise that I consider Mega Gardevoir one of the best fairy Pokemon. Mega Gardevoir is most impressive on the offensive front. A base 165 Special Attack is nothing to laugh at. What makes thing worse is that Mega Gardevoir has respectful bulk, so it can be very difficult to handle without loosing a Pokemon or two. For this reason Mega Gardevoir is one of the best fairy Pokemon.



mega mawile pic

Name: Mega Mawile

Number:  303

Type: Steel/ Fairy

Description: Deceiver Pokémon

Ability: Huge Power

mega mawile stats





Mega Mawile is a significant improvement from its regular form, which is a god send to Mawile fans. Mega evolutions have given boosts to already powerful Pokemon, I am just glad that GameFreaks did not forget about the little guys.Mega Mawile may not look much, but looks can be deceiving, this Pokemon is incredibly powerful thanks to the ability huge power. In my opinion, to take full advantage of Mega Mawile incredible attack stat, you need to build a team around him. If I were to use Mega Mawile – I would opt for a paralysis support team which should offset his terrible speed. Bulky T-wave users like Cresselia and Uxie would be my choice, both have good synergy with Mega Mawile. And of course, stealth rocks are a must.



Name: Florges

Number:  671

Type: Fairy

Description: Garden Pokémon

Ability: Flower Veil.

florges stat

Florges is very much like Sylveon but with a much better special defense and special attack. Of course it wouldn’t be a Fairy Pokeon without the sublime move “Wish”. In fact both Pokemon are so similar that  I am a torn whether to pick Florges over Sylveon for my team.



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  • Venks Dunson

    Florges and Mawile are pretty amazing. But the only Fairy Poke’mon that made it to the Finals at the XY Tournament at my local Nintendo Experience was Azumarill. While its stats aren’t the best the Pokemon’s access to Belly Drum and Aqua Jet make it quite a formidable opponent.

    • miigamerz

      oh nice! I am still making my team come by here by december if you want to challenge me!

      • Venks Dunson

        Haha that sounds like fun! I’d love to battle you coming December. Any preference to Singles or Doubles? I have a doubles team currently and am still trying to figure out who to use for my singles team.

        • miigamerz

          single. I have no experience in doubles 😛

          • Venks Dunson

            Haha fair enough. Looking forward to it!

  • Dr.Teabag

    Mega Mawile is without a doubt the best fairy, followed by Azumarill / Togekiss.

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