The Best and Worst Gen 6 Pokemon

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The Best and Worst Pokemon of X & Y

I am not going to lie – I was a tad disappointed that very few NEW Pokemon were introduced in Pokemon X&Y.  In my opinion, the latest Pokemon is the least exciting of any generation.  Perhaps Pokemon fans were spoilt for choice in Black/White and Diamond/Pearl, so the new dex could come off as underwhelming . Whatever the reason it is still a downer.

Of course, GameFreaks has introduced some excellent Pokemon ( a few may have garnered a position in my all time favorite list ) and some absolutely terrible ones as well. So here are my picks for the best and worst Pokemon of X&Y.

Note: Not including legendary Pokemon and Mega Evolved Pokemon. Looking from a competitive perspective.


Best Pokemon




WHY:  Noivern is the fastest non-legendary Dragon type pokemon, easily outclassing Garchomp and Salamence. While it doesn’t have the same offensive prowess as Dragonite or Haxorus, its speed and handy special attack stat is more than adequate to be a dangerous Pokemon.



WHY: I love Aegislash. In my opinion, it is the coolest Pokemon introduced since Infernape and Garchomp in Diamond and Pearl. His ability “Stance Change” allows Aegislash to be offensive and defensive in a matter of moments, not to mention his ghost/steel types leaves him with very few weaknesses.



WHY: Greninja is very fast which is complimented with a fantastic movepool and a decent special attack. With a little support and played with strategy, Greninja is certainly capable of winning battles for you. In my opinion, Greninja is the best starter of the new generation.



WHY: Some individuals may not agree with me, but I do see huge potential in Goodra. With an admirable total base stat with the standouts being in  Special Attack and Special defense department – Goodra can serve either as offensive and defensive depending on what you need.




WHY: Sylveon has the potential to be an excellent support Pokemon. The fairy Eevolution has fantastic HP, Special Attack and Special Defense not to mention access to “Wish”. If you are looking for a good support Pokemon you might want to consider Sylveon.



  1. Tyrantrum
  2. Hawlucha
  3. Delphox



Worst Pokemon



WHY: Like Butterfree and the other butterfly Pokemon before its time – Vivilion isn’t a good Pokemon, despite access to Quiver Dance.  None of its stat is any good with its defense stats in particular are abysmal. Unless you pick Pokemon only on looks, I would avoid Vivilion entirely.



WHY: Furfrou is all good looks and nothing else. Terrible usable stats all round and poor movepool. Furfrou does have “Baby-doll eyes” as a gimmick, other than that Furfrou is useless – it is the very definition of a crappy Pokemon.



WHY: Meowstic isn’t a terrible Pokemon, it may have potential to be a decent a support Pokemon with the ability “prankster”, even in that regard it is still heavily outclassed. If you want a psychic Pokemon there are plenty of Pokemon to pick from that are far better than Meowtsic . In my opinion, Meostic will be categorized as a “forgettable” Pokemon.



  1. Dedenne
  2. Avalugg
  3. Diggersby


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What would your best and worst list look like?



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