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By Jason On 12 Sep, 2014 At 05:20 AM | Categorized As Games, Videocast, Wii U, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Sometimes, a gamer actually cares about more than just graphics.  On these rare occasions, it’s not about what you’re doing, but why.  In fact, sometimes it goes beyond ‘why’, and into the realm of ‘how’.  Either way, it’s the fiction of videogames that sometimes draws in certain individuals.  The problem is that these individuals […]

By Andy Steyn On 9 Sep, 2014 At 02:25 PM | Categorized As Wii U, Wii U News | With 2 Comments
bayonetta 2

Platinum Games has announced that they will be hosting a launch party celebrating the Japanese release of Bayonetta 2 on September 20. The event will be held at the Ion Cinema Makuhari and will be completely free, but bookings are necessary to reserve yourself a seat. As for the entertainment, key members of Platinum Games such as […]

By Jason On 5 Sep, 2014 At 05:34 AM | Categorized As News, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U News, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— While there are many, and I mean MANY, other places to get news, I still like to talk about Nintendo news… That I care about!  You see, not ALL Nintendo news may matter to me, but sometimes, just sometimes, the news really gets me all fired up.  Or more accurately, a certain area that […]

By Michael On 31 Aug, 2014 At 04:03 PM | Categorized As 3DS, Smash Updates, Super Smash Bros, Wii U, Wii U News | With 3 Comments
super smash bros for 3ds starting roster 1

  Want to know what the starting roster in Super Smash Bros. For 3DS will look like? Then take a look at this! According to a tweet by Roger DiLuigi – the Japanese eShop has revealed the starting roster for Super Smash Bros. For 3DS.  As shown in the screenshot above, all the confirmed character […]

By Jason On 29 Aug, 2014 At 05:16 AM | Categorized As Features, Videocast, Wii U, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— The Wii U continues to get flak that isn’t justified, even if less so now than before.  It’s also lost almost all 3rd party support, and the thing is… I decided why not make a song about it?  Then again, this was my first time writing lyrics or rapping, sooo… Have mercy?!  No seriously, […]

By Michael On 28 Aug, 2014 At 03:34 PM | Categorized As Wii U News | With 3 Comments
Fatal Frame The Black Haired Shrine 5

More details have emerged out of Famitsu on Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine, an exclusive title for the Nintendo Wii U. Neogafian Black Soma has kindly summarized the information detailed in the issue. There are 3 main characters in Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine: Yuuri Kozukata, Miu Hinasaki and Ren Hojo. The details are as follows: Yuuri […]

By Jason On 27 Aug, 2014 At 04:49 PM | Categorized As Indie Spotlight, Reviews, Wii U, Wii U Reviews | With No Comments

Let’s preface this review by indicating that Soon Shine is essentially a mobile app.  Knowing this going into this review (and for those of you interested in purchasing, into the game) will set a clear bar for expectations.  Whether this game meets, exceeds, or falls below these expectations is what follows. Soon Shine is brought […]

By Andy Steyn On 26 Aug, 2014 At 11:20 PM | Categorized As Articles | With No Comments
Mario Kart 8 (5)

Nintendo has proven that they still have the magic with Mario Kart 8. Despite the franchise being 20 plus years old – the tried and true formula of the famed kart racer has impressively remained fun and addictive after all these years. It certainly proves that good gameplay is ageless, and more so it proves […]

By Jason On 22 Aug, 2014 At 05:50 AM | Categorized As Games, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Were you one of the people who picked up a Wii U just for Mario Kart 8?  Were you one of the people that just jumped for joy and bought Mario Kart 8 as soon as you could possibly get it?  Well then, chances are you got to register your copy and get a free […]

By Michael On 21 Aug, 2014 At 03:23 PM | Categorized As Wii U, Wii U News | With No Comments
call of duty advance warfare wii u

It’s literally Nintendo vs the world at the moment. It’s almost certain that Activision’s blockbuster title, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, will not be coming to the Wii U this November. Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey, confirmed via Twitter that Activision has decidedly not to port Call of Duty: Advance Warfare for the the Nintendo Wii U. @1422644 […]

By Michael On 19 Aug, 2014 At 10:50 PM | Categorized As Wii U | With No Comments
assassins creed 4 black flag wii u

I suppose Wii U owners won’t be stabbing folks in the back anymore. Speaking with Game Informer – CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot discussed why the upcoming Assassins Creed titles are not coming to the Wii U. In response to the drop of support for Wii U, and why the latest Assassins Creed is not […]

By Jason On 1 Aug, 2014 At 05:31 AM | Categorized As Games, Videocast, Wii U, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Finally, I have another in-person interview on the show!  I tried to pick the right person for the right game… Maybe.  Possibly.  I have no idea what I’m doing. Jessica rides a sport bike and drives a muscle car, but can she translate her tendencies for speed and aggression to Mario Kart 8? Well, […]

By Jason On 25 Jul, 2014 At 05:30 AM | Categorized As Games, Indie Spotlight, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— I seem to like things in threes, much like many people do in many industries.  Having said that, my third and final (for now!) indie review is upon us! I review Armillo, a Wii U exclusive (at least for the time being) indie game brought to us by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games.  How does it […]

By Michael On 23 Jul, 2014 At 12:28 AM | Categorized As Wii U News | With No Comments
buying wii u

Wii U Purchasing Intent Grows After E3 2014 Says Report I firmly believe that Nintendo silenced many critics with their E3 2014 showcase. The Digital, Event, the comprehensive live streams and more importantly the games showcased  had many gamers turning their heads in genuine interest of what Nintendo was doing on the show floor. It […]