Why The Ice Climber’s Did Not Make The Cut

By Michael On 17 Sep, 2014 At 07:24 PM | Categorized As News | With 0 Comment

Ice climbers

Wondering why the Ice Climber’s did not make the cut in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS? Do you want an explanation on why your favorite character has been axed? Then good news (or bad news), Sakurai has revealed why Popo and Nana are missing from the latest iteration.

In his weekly Famitsu column, Sakurai explained that the slow processing power of the 3DS was not able to handle the complexity of the Ice Climbers. He mentioned that in the Wii U version,  he Ice Climbers were indeed running on the console counterpart, but in fairness and parity, it was decided that Ice Climbers were to be excluded in both versions.

Furthermore, since the probability of a new Ice Climbers game is low, the twins were given little priority, which is a little disheartening to hear. Despite this, the Super Smash Bros Fighter roster is impressive and the newcomers is more than enough to compensate for the exclusion of the Ice Climbers.

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