Square Enix Halts Shipments Of Dragon Quest X on 3DS After Disastrous Launch

By Andy Steyn On 10 Sep, 2014 At 02:25 AM | Categorized As 3DS, 3DS News | With 0 Comment


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Square Enix have found themselves in hot water after the release of Dragon Quest X on the 3DS. The RPG makers has made an admittance today, that at the moment, Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo 3DS is at an unplayable state. According to Square, the large volume of users wanting to play the title at launch has essentially overloaded the cloud servers, ultimately resulting in an unpleasant experience for users (unable to login, lag).

Square Enix has taken steps to resolve the issue, carrying maintenance on Monday 8 and will schedule more repairs until the problem is cleared. However, unfortunately, to avoid further issues with the servers – Square has prioritized current owners of Dragon Quest X and has halted shipment of the title for the time being.  Square Enix does expect to resume shipment soon, as the problem gradually gets resolved.

Additionally, Square has detailed solutions that may alleviate some of the problems that users may encounter, which you can read in SE’s statement.

What remains to be seen, is whether this debacle will have an adverse affect on the title future sale. Judging from user reviews at Amazon Japan, this issue could put-off potential consumers. As the story develops further, we’ll be sure to update this story.

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