New Mode Called Target Blast Announced For Super Smash Bros. 4

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As is the case with Fridays, Sakurai has shared an extra juicy update for Smash fans. Today, Mr. Sakurai announced a brand new game mode called, Target Blast, which combines the concept of the Home run Contest and Target Smash.

The goal of Target Smash is to amass damage to the ticking-time bomb. Once the countdown hits zero, the bomb will explode causing a chain reaction destroying walls, targets and bomb-blocks. I’d assume the more objects destroyed will result in a higher score. The final score is tallied over two rounds. Like with the Home-run contest, obtaining a high score will be dependent on time management and attack combo’s to maximize the amount of damage dealt to the Bomb.

Target Smash certainly sounds like a fun mode. If the mode can rival the same caliber as the Home-run contest, then I could see myself playing the Target Smash for hours on end. It appears that Mr. Sakurai will not be conservative with the content in the handheld version of Super Smash Bros. Alongside the standards modes, the 3DS versions will have online multiplayer, Smash Run and now Target Blast.

You will be mistaken to think that the 3DS will be an inferior version. The game is shaping up to be the one of the greatest fighting game on a handheld.

super smash bros target smach

“What’s up with this bomb? This looks like the stadium for the Home-run Contest, but there’s no bat. Once you touch the bomb, it begins to count down. Give it enough damage and launch it at the right time…then once the bomb’s countdown hits zero…!!”

super smash bros target smash

“…It goes BOOOOOM! Not only will the blast destroy targets, but it’ll also cause a chain reaction by using shattered walls and bomb blocks–all of which contributes to you getting a high score!! This is a new activity that combines the concepts of Target Smash and the Home-run Contest–it’s called Target Blast! Your final score is the total you rack up over two rounds. Of course, your Target Blast scores contribute to your Global Smash Power, too.”

Super Smash Bros For 3DS is due for release on October 3. While Super Smash Bros. For Wii U still has a tentative holiday launch.

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