Why A Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle Would Be A Smart Move

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super smash bros wii u bundle

There is an undeniable sense of positive surrounding Nintendo at the moment – which is a stark difference from last year, where almost every news about Nintendo was one of negativity. Since the launch of Mario Kart 8, and then leading into E3 2014 – Nintendo has been riding a wave of positive momentum, in terms of both of sales and public perception. In short, they are doing everything right to turn this ship around.

Take for example, the strong marketing push of Hyrule Warriors by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, the game has regularly featured  in the headlines of major news regularly – almost daily. Had Hyrule Warriors launched last year – I suspect the game would not have received the same Press coverage and marketing push. It certainly appears that the Big N, has learnt some hard lessons last year.

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Another intrinsic example, of the positive aura is Kotaku’s article finally recommending the Wii U as a worthy purchase. Even amongst the gamers, Nintendo has been performing well, even winning the community’s choice of best showing at E3 2014 at IGN.

No! I am not suggesting that the Wii U will make a remarkable comeback, but with the recent positive perception of the Wii U, and the strong line up of games, currently and in the near future, it’s undeniable that Nintendo has momentum right now.

This leads me to the point of the article – with all this momentum – Nintendo has a perfect opportunity to leverage the holiday spending spree to spur a sales explosion for the Wii U. In my opinion, it would be an incredibly smart for Nintendo to release a Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle for the holiday season.

The Premium Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle has done wonders to drive sales, however, I’ve been told by reliable sources that these bundles are limited shipments (in North America) –  so chances are that these bundles will be depleted by then.  Nintendo’s official bundles have always been about fantastic value – consumers love value, especially during the holiday season, and so it makes sense to have a Mario Kart 8 Bundle. However, if this is indeed true, and Mario Kart 8 bundles will not be available this Christmas  – Nintendo will require a new tantalizing bundle to tempt consumers to buy the Wii U – I reckon a Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle could be the gift of choice this Christmas.

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Super Smash Bros For Wii U, and the Amiibo’s launching alongside, will be a hot ticket for gamers and little kids. I know it may be a little arrogant of me to say that the Super Smash Bros for Wii U and the Amiibo’s will be certified hits, however, the hype around the Smash Bros is very much real – it would be extremely foolish to think otherwise.  This game will sell millions, mark my words. Having the Hot New Ticket bundled with the Wii U, could be a catalyst to spur a sales explosion.

In my mind, it makes perfect sense to make a Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle – any financial loss made in producing the bundle could be offset by the sales of the Amiibo’s. In addition, having a wide appeal game like Smash Bros packaged with the Wii U could be the tipping point for many to take the dive and become an owner of Nintendo’s under appreciated console. I’d encourage Nintendo to consider a Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle –  if Mario Kart 8 Bundles isn’t available this holiday season – I would hate to see the Wii U underperform for a second holiday season in a row!

If it were up to me – I would have a Premium Wii U console, a Copy of Super Smash Bros For Wii U, and 2 Amiibo’s packaged together and priced fairly without being too dear.

What do you think? Would you like to a Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle? Would you buy one?



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  • anonymunchy

    I think it’s a great idea and I’m quite positive we’ll see a Smash bundle this holiday. I believe they should release a separate bundle which includes an Amiibo of your choice as well. It shows dedication to a new line of products and more people might try it out when it comes as a bonus instead of something separate to buy.

    Besides the bundle a special edition would be great for the holidays as well. Something more unique than the Wind Waker HD bundle though.