Pokemon of the Day: Mega Manectric

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mega manectric

Mega Manectric is a decent upgrade of its normal form. It may not be the most intimidating Mega Evolved Pokemon, but Mega Manectric can certainly hold its own in battles. Where Mega Manectric excels is in offensive with an incredible base 135 in both Special Attack and Speed Stat. Furthermore, Mega Manectric has been given a boost in the defensive apartment which is further strengthened by the ability Intimidate. It’s typing and ability make it the perfect Pokemon to scare Scizor and other steel types.

Overall, Mega Manectric is certainly a good Pokemon, but honestly it is let down by a limited movepool. With so little moves to pick from – Mega Manectric can become easy to predict, so therefore easier to handle as an opponent. Simply Mega Manectric is simply a limited Pokemon.

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mega manectric





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Special Attacker Mega Manectric @ Manectite

EVS: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed , 4 HP

Ability: Intimidation, Nature: Timid

  • Thunderbolt
  • Flamethrower
  • Hidden Power Grass/Ice
  • Volt Switch

Mega Manectric is fairly limited in the movepool department. I think this set will work with Mega Manectric giving it the best shot to perform well. Thunderbolt is a safe STAB, with Flamethrower to threaten steel types. This is where it gets tricky, Gastrodon and Swampert would wall Mega Manectric. However, Hidden Power would be very handy to take out the dragons especially if you can predict a switch. Volt switch is a great move to scout teams. It is rather unfortunate that Mega Manectric is let down by a poor movepool.

Stats by Serebii


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  • http://www.berathen.com/ Venks Dunson

    Mega Manectric is not a bad Pokemon in the least. The last tournament I went to saw Mega Manectric in the finals. As you said its high Sp.A and Intimidate make it a respectable Pokemon. Though sadly if the opponent has a ground type Poke’mon there isn’t much you can do to punish the switch.

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