The Wii U “Five” (Ep36): Let’s Play… with Jackeline!

By Jason On 19 Sep, 2014 At 05:18 AM | Categorized As Videocast, Wii U, wii u videos, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With 0 Comment


Bringing people on the show to have them play games is always a blast… At least for me it is!  Okay, maybe I derive a little joy out of watching them fail at videogames… just a little.  Then again, they still have fun.  Is the message about good old-fashioned fun making sense now? 😉

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About - Jason (ZyroXZ2) created a web series called "The Wii U Five" on YouTube to show his love and support for Nintendo and their latest console... And also because he's sarcastic and loves to make people laugh and go into deep thought. People can do both, right?