Groose For Hyrule Warriors!

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Quick Thoughts: Will Groose Be A Playable Character In Hyrule Warriors?

Despite despising the Warriors series – I am excited for Hyrule Warriors. I am certain that the game will be terribly repetitive and too shallow for my taste, but the sheer amount of fan service made for Zelda fans like myself – has me salivating for more.

The appeal of Hyrule Warriors is no doubt the opportunity to play as your favorite Zelda Character. Rarely in a Zelda title do we ever play as anyone else besides Link. Playing as Queen Zelda, Impa, Midna and even Fi will be a welcome change.

Koei Tecmo will continue to announce more playable characters for Hyrule Warriors in the coming weeks. I’d assume that Zelda Fans will have their own preferences on what characters should be included in the roster. With this said, I would like to suggest Groose from Skyward Sword to be a playable character.

Groose is one of the most memorable characters from Skyward Sword and in the entire series for that matter. A pompous idiot! Sure! A little arrogant! Certainly! However, Groose has the heart and guts of a true hero, and not to mention one of the best theme ever. While I will not spoil Skyward Sword for those that have not played it yet (what’s wrong with you btw) – Groose plays a critical part in saving the day.

hyrule warriors skyward sword bomb plant

** The Groosenator from Skyward Sword appear in Hyrule Warriors Screenshot**

Groose is an almost certainty for Hyrule Warriors – whether it be a playable character, or a NPC is still debatable. The biggest clue is the appearance of the Groosenator in one of the Hyrule Warriors screenshots. For those that are unfamiliar with the weapon, the Groosenator is a catapult device that Groose uses to hurl bombs, and even Link in Skyward Sword.

If Groose is indeed a playable character I would assume that he would be a brawn focused character, using his powerful kicks and punches as a means to attack. Perhaps, being a bomb soldier would fit Groose’s skill sets. I think the most important aspect – is to add a bit of comedy and humor when designing Groose’s attack set – this is a large part of his charm and appeal.

Overall, I believe Groose will be a fantastic addition to the Hyrule Warriors cast!

Would you like Groose in Hyrule Warriors? What other playable Characters would you like to be included in Hyrule Warriors?


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  • anonymunchy

    Groose hadn’t even crossed my mind as a playable character. I haven’t finished Skyward Sword yet though, so he’s still a douche in my book, for now.

    I’m pretty sure we’re going to be able to play as Tingle and I’m also pretty sure he’s going to be awesome, but he’s not the character I’d personally add. I’d love to see what they can do with the Happy Mask Salesman, his selection of masks could provide an extensive set of moves.

    Wouldn’t mind playing as Darbus or Darunia either, or Princess Ruto, or Dampé, Nabooru, Orca, Rauru, Guru-Guru, Nayru, and so many more…

    • miigamerz

      Lol tingle, that would be a sight to behold

      • anonymunchy

        I can see it now; flying up attached to his little red balloon, joyfully shouting “Kooloo-Limpah” followed by death and destruction for the enemies below and then popping his own balloon to get back down. It’ll be glorious.

        • miigamerz

          I want to see that happen