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By Jason On 18 Jul, 2014 At 05:06 AM | Categorized As eShop, Games, Indie Spotlight, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Continuing with my support of indie games is my second indie game review in a row!  Let’s have a look at Dakko Dakko’s exclusive ‘Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails’ Wii U exclusive! To preface this review, I want you, the viewer, to understand that this game follows the formula of many Nintendo […]

By Jason On 11 Jul, 2014 At 05:36 AM | Categorized As eShop, Games, Videocast, Wii U, Wii U Reviews, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With No Comments

— Naturally, a good portion of the videogame industry is becoming indie games.  Whether these indie developers create games for mobile users (smartphones, tablets, etc.), or create them for gaming-oriented devices, these games are no longer something that can simply be ignored.  And with that, the Wii U is also becoming a fast-growing place of […]

By Daniel On 20 Sep, 2013 At 02:48 AM | Categorized As 3DS, 3DS News, eShop, Wii U, Wii U News | With 2 Comments

Hey all you Mii-gamers! I just wanted to toss up a quick FYI post that Capcom has just announced an great sale for the amazing Wii U and 3DS title Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. That’s right, from now until September 22nd you can grab either the Wii U download version for $29.99 (€29.99, £24.99) or the […]

By Michael On 27 Jul, 2013 At 12:11 AM | Categorized As eShop | With No Comments
wonderful 101 (1)

Get those external hard drives ready. If you intend to purchase Wonderful 101 through the Wii U eShop then prepare yourself for the colossal donwnload ahead. Nintendolife has confirmed that Wonderful 101 will require 10.2 GB of memory in order to download. Unfortunately, for those who purchased the basic – you will need to use an […]

By Michael On 23 Jul, 2013 At 02:27 PM | Categorized As eShop | With No Comments
soriti horse

A few days ago, Game Freaks (the developers behind the Pokemon series) teased fans with the an upcoming announcement of a new game. Naturally, this would excite any Nintendo fan. I have to confess – I was expecting something big from the Pokemon creators.   Well………. Game Freaks new game is rather unusual it is […]