Seth is a 16-year old, homeschooled, Christian geek with a passion for gaming. Starting with a hand-me-down Gameboy Color, he grew to love the awesome world of video games. Every system he owns and ever has owned has been Nintendo made, because Nintendo know...the best. Seth wants to get an engineering degree in the future, but also would like to independently develop his own games. He has a peculiar sense of humor, he loves bow ties, and he greatly enjoys writing profiles in a 3rd person perspective.

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rayman legends

Before beginning this review, I have just one thing to say: this game is very, very wacked out. The Rayman games are centered on, you guessed it, a hero named Rayman. He was, according to Rayman Origins, created by fairies to defend the Glade of Dreams. On their way to create Rayman, they dropped a […]

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kid icarus uprising

KID ICARUS: UPRISING REVIEW Kid Icarus is a bit of a peculiar series. The first game, Kid Icarus, was released on the NES in 1987. It was received with mixed reviews, but developed a cult following that never quite died out. Four years later, a sequel was released, “Of Myths and Monsters”. This was received […]