North American Commercial For Hyrule Warriors

By Jocelyn Mak On 16 Sep, 2014 At 08:15 PM | Categorized As Uncategorized | With 0 Comment

hyrule warriors walkthrough

As we approach the launch of Hyrule Warriors for North America, Nintendo will inevitable jump-start their marketing machine. To start things off – Nintendo has shared the first Hyrule Warriors commercial through their YouTube channel.

The commercial, itself, is relatively conservative and  admittedly uninspired. It features a voice over highlighting the games story, characters and gameplay features. However, I think the gameplay footage will be the key selling point to the consumers. By that I mean, fighting hoards of enemies in a display of stylish swordplay.

In North America, Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition will be available for purchase, but only at Nintendo World Stores. The game will be hitting European and Australian stores this weekend. North American’s will be able to get their hands on the game on September 26.

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