New Nintendo 3DS Dominates Amazon Japan’s Bestseller List

By Andy Steyn On 5 Sep, 2014 At 09:06 PM | Categorized As 3DS | With 1 Comment

new nintendo 3ds

Signs are looking good – that at the very least – the New Nintendo 3DS will perform well in Japan. Amazon Japan has opened pre-orders for the New Nintendo 3DS today, and not surprising the Nintendo’s new handheld has skyrocketed to the top spots in the online retailers bestsellers list.

At the time of writing, four of the top five products in the bestsellers list are New Nintendo 3DS SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units), only beaten by Super Smash Bros. For 3DS – which claimed the number one spot. The LL version is proving to be more popular ranking higher that the normal size New Nintendo 3DS.

The New Nintendo 3DS is scheduled for release in Japan on October 11. For the latest updates on the New Nintendo 3DS stay tuned at Mii-gamer.

Check out the bestsellers list here. Or check out the screen captures below!

new nintendo 3ds amazon new nintendo 3ds amazon 1

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