Amiibo’s Performing Well In Amazon; Wii Fit Trainer, Marth And Villager Sold Out

By Michael On 30 Aug, 2014 At 11:21 PM | Categorized As News | With 1 Comment


I guess those studies claiming that Amiibo’s will be in hot demand are true. At the time of writing, Nintendo’s range of interactive figurines, Amiibo’sare performing well in Amazons best seller list.  11 of the 12 figurines are in the top 20 best sellers list in the video games category.

Furthermore, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth and Villager are currently sold out at the online retailer. Considering that these characters are the lesser known faces in Super Smash Bros For Wii U, it would be correct to assume that Amazon has ordered a lesser amount in comparison to Mario, Link, Pikachu and Co.

Regardless, the signs are good that Amiibo’s will be a a success… hopefully for Nintendo’s sake.

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