Pokken Tournament Announced; No Word On Wii U Version

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pokken tournament

The Pokemon Company and Namco Bandai has proudly unveiled Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U Arcades. The announcement was made through the promised Famitsu stream. The game will feature a variety of Pokemon in a fighter style game of the fashion as the Tekken series.

At the moment, details on the game are slowly filtering through the language barrier of the stream, but we do know that the Pokken Tournament will be out in 2015 across Japanese Arcades. During the stream Q&A session, it was implied that Pokken Tournament will eventually be released for home console (i.e the Nintendo Wii U), but there was no specific mention of the Wii U, as far as I know.

It strikes me as odd, that Nintendo would allow Game Freaks to announce Pokken Tournament for arcades first, instead of Wii U. I suppose that they are saving the announcement for a future direct. I am confident that Pokken Tournament will eventually be announced for Wii U, as Nintendo trademark is at the end of the trailer.

Anyway, you can visit the official site here.

Are you excited for Pokken Tournament? I know Mike is elated over the news.

pokken tournament pokken tournament pokken tournament pokken tournament

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