The 5 Best Original Mario Kart 8 Tracks

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Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has proven that they still have the magic with Mario Kart 8. Despite the franchise being 20 plus years old – the tried and true formula of the famed kart racer has impressively remained fun and addictive after all these years. It certainly proves that good gameplay is ageless, and more so it proves that Nintendo still have their mojo. Mii-gamer gave Mario Kart 8 an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5 – lauding its gorgeous visuals and sensational gameplay.

What puts Mario Kart 8 above other kart games is the level design. This is largely down to the additional power available to developers granting them the freedom to expand their creativity and the new anti-gravity mechanism, which adds a delightful TWIST to the Mario Kart formula.

With so many superbly crafted courses, selecting the 5 best Mario Kart 8 tracks is no easy feat. In fact, picking the top tracks is like picking your favorite chocolate bar, it’s simply not a decision that can be made lightly.

With this said, I would like to share my opinion on what are the 5 Best Original Mario Kart 8 Tracks.

5. Thwomp Ruins

thwomp ruins Mario kart 8

Admittedly, Thwomp Ruins looks more intimidating than it really is. At first, you might be a tad frightened by the several Thwomps and giant rolling stones awaiting to flatten karters, but as soon as you start racing, it becomes abundantly clear that Thwomp Ruins is an easy course to negotiate. Despite this, Thwomp Ruins is still a fun track to race on. Thwomp Ruins naturally weaves all four elements of Mario Kart 8 (normal racing, underwater racing, anti-gravity and gliding) into in one cohesive track. Take for example, the area depicted in the above picture – players can select one of four routes: 1. Travel on the ground floor, 2. Travel on the walls, 3. Go underwater, 4. Glide through the middle. Furthermore, Thwomp Ruins is one of the better looking tracks in Mario Kart.

4. Mario Circuit

mario circuit mario kart 8

Mario Circuit is definitely one of the best designed tracks of Mario Kart 8. Inspired by the Mobius strip – Mario Circuit follows a single track that twists on several points to form the number 8. Mario Circuit is a joy to race on with several anti-gravity sections and a number of good turns. I highly recommend playing Mario Circuit in battle mode. By free roaming the track you will begin to appreciate the complexity of the track design.

3. Shy Guy Falls

shy guy falls mario kart 8

Shy Guys Falls reminds me of Koopa Cape from Mario Kart Wii, which is a good quality to say the least. What really impress me is the concept of racing up and down an impressive waterfall. Nintendo has done a wonderful job in replicating the feeling of verticality of racing up a raging waterfall and the adrenaline of sliding down own. I remember being awed by the visual spectacular during my first race on Shy Guy Falls. Oh, what a magical moment.

2. Mount Wario

mount wario mario kart 8

I was heavily debating between the number one and two position for this list. After much deliberation – Mount Wario was placed at number 2. Racing on Mount Wario takes me back to my childhood, particularly to fond memories of playing Snowboard Kids on the Nintendo 64. Those who played Snowboard Kids would nod their heads in agreement when I say that Mount Wario resembles Big Snowman – perhaps the best slop in the entire game. Aside from that, Mount Wario is a fantastic track in its own right. I believe what makes Mount Wario an exhilarating track – is that – it is designed in such a clever way, that races becomes a chaotic and frantic race to the bottom… just like Snowboard Kids.

1. Electrodome

electrodome mario kart 8

I suppose many may disagree with my number one choice – but hey – isn’t that why we have opinions? Electrodome takes the top spot because I believe it is the most enjoyable track to race on. When online, I always place a vote for Electrodome, and I almost always see my fellow racers in the lobby do the same. Electrodome is the track that instantly clicked. Funky music, excellent turns and the neon lights creates an exciting sensation that most tracks lack.


What are your thoughts on my list? Do you agree with them? Do you disagree with them? What are your 5 favorite Mario Kart 8 tracks?

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