New Pac-Man and Meta Knight Details Emerge For Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS

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Includes Special Moves, Smash Attacks and More

New information has emerged on Pac-Man and Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and Super Smash Bros. For 3DSThe latest rounds of information are from the latest issue of Famitsu, which have been kindly translated by Kantopia.

The following scans shares first information on Pac-Man’s special moves, smash attack and final smash. Also, it includes additional information on Meta Knight.

super smash bros pac-man famitsu scans 1

Pac-Man Special Move’s and Final Smash

Neutral Special Move – Fruit Target: A piece of fruit appears in Pac-Man’s hand. Each fruit type has its own properties, strength and range.

Side Special Move – Power Pallet: When you use the move, a trail of pellets flies out horizontally, and Pac-Man follows the trail in his ball form. You can hold the B-button to extend the pellet trail and control the direction of the pellets with the control stick.

Down Special Move- Exploding Plug: Pac-Man throws a fire hydrant below that makes a big explosion when it hits the ground or after a set amount of time has elapsed.

Up Special Move –  Pac-Jump: Pac-Man jumps in his ball form – the jump becomes higher the more times the ball bounces.

Final Smash – Super Pac-Man: Pac-Man transforms into a giant ball and attacks with his gaping mouth.

super smash bros pac-man famitsu scans 2

Meta Knight Special Moves and Final Smash

Neutral Special – Mach Tornado: Meta Knight creates a fast tornado a fast multi-hit tornado.

Side Special Attack – Drill Ruch: The same side special attack in Brawl. Meta Knight propels forward with a drill spin attack, you can alter the direction with the control stick.

Down Special Attack – Dimension Mantle: Meta Knight wraps himself in his mantle and warps a short distance away.

Up Special Attack – Shuttle Loop: Meta Knight performs a looping slice. The initial slice does have good launching power, the second slice has more knock back.

Final Smash -Galaxia Darkness: Meta Knight shrouds his mantle forward – opponent caught in the darkness are sliced with a powerful attack.

super smash bros meta knight famitsu scans

For the large part, on paper it seems Meta Knight remains largely unchanged from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What remains to be seen, is whether Sakurai has balanced the match-up against Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS. I would hate to see Meta Knight be at the top of the tier by himself – without any characters that at least have a decent match-up advantage.

Now knowing Pac-Man’s full move list – Namco’s yellow mascot is looking quite impressive. He appears to have a well balanced array of moves that him make him adequate for both close-quarter combat and long distance camping. These are my thoughts on the information – without solid gameplay videos it would be difficult deduce an accurate analysis on the upcoming metagame.

Super Smash Bros For 3DS is due for release on October 3. While Super Smash Bros. For Wii U still has a tentative holiday launch.

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Source: Kantopia

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