UI Design For Bayonetta 2 Detailed

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Platinum Games has once again updated their developer blog sharing more details on the high anticipated Wii U exclusive title, Bayonetta 2.

In this weeks blog entry,  Hisayoshi Kijima from Platinum games talks in detail about the new and improved UI design in Bayonetta 2. Mr Kojima says that his goal was to improve upon the UI from the original while retaining the realistic aesthetics of Bayonetta 2.

Firstly, Kijima discusses the health gauge in Bayonetta 2. “In the first Bayonetta, if you take damage, your vitality gauge turns red. It’s simply systematic cause and effect. This time, in Bayonetta 2, we created a flash of red light that hits the gauge and makes it reflect red when damage is taken.” Kijima wrote.

bayonetta 2 health gauge

The gauge from the first game (Xbox 360)

bayonetta 2 health gauge

The gauge from Bayonetta 2 (now that we have a scientific reason for why the gauge is turning red, the colors have a more natural feel)

Kijima continued, “by justifying the UI this way, we felt we were able to add more realism to an inherently magical world like Bayonetta’s. Though the red light itself may come from an unnatural source such as magic, the act of the light hitting the gauge is a natural phenomenon. We used this method of thought to guide other UI design decisions in the game as well.”

bayonetta 2 red flare bayonetta 2 red flare


Kojima has also cleaned up the results screen for easy comprehension. Kojima was able to achieve this by splitting the information over two screens, resulting in less clutter.

bayonetta 2 results screen 1 bayonetta 2 results screen 1

Kojima has a comprehensive explanation of the UI design in the blog post – I’d highly recommend reading the post.

Source: Platinum Games

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