Super Smash Bros For 3DS: Equip Powers Select Screen For Smash Run Revealed

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With the launch date of Super Smash Bros for 3DS creeping up slowly, Sakurai has made a conscious effort to focus a little more on the handheld version.

super smash bros powers equip screenToday, Sakurai discusses how players can equip powers before when entering a Smash Run match. Players can select a number of powers by touching their icons and then dragging them down.

“Here’s the place you equip powers for Smash Run. Pack a good mix of them like a lunch box, and off you go!” Sakurai wrote. “You can change how your powers are set up by touching their icons and dragging them!”

In addition, players can randomly fill up the remaining spots by pressing X and you can favorite your favorite powers with a ★. “If you hit the X Button, it will randomly fill up the remaining weight allowance with powers,” he wrote. “Organizing them might be easier if you label your favorite powers with a ★.”

Sakurai notes that “The level of a power is proportional to its strength, number of uses, and weight.”

Smash Run is an online mode exclusive to the Super Smash Bros. For 3DS. In Smash Run players are given 5 minutes to explore an adventure style stage to collect as many power-ups to beef up their fighter. After the time limit has elapsed, you will join 3 other players in a battle – the result will largely be determined by who has the better powers. It certainly sounds exciting! Right?

Super Smash Bros For 3DS is due for release on October 3. While Super Smash Bros. For Wii U still has a tentative holiday launch.

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