Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Mega Audino Trailer And Details

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Earlier this week, we reported that the Official Korean Pokemon site had inadvertently leaked the existence of Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino. With the beans already spilled, the Pokemon Company has taken the opportunity to officially confirm Mega Audino with a not too shabby introduction video.

As always, the official Pokemon Site has been updated to include a profile page of Mega Audino, which contains the following description:

“Mega Audino emits a soothing pulse from its body that reduces hostility in others. This powerful pulse calms any who come in range. Additionally, any creature that happens to come in contact with its second feelers will fall into a deep sleep.

When it Mega Evolves, this Pokémon gains the Fairy type. It has the Healer Ability regardless of what its Ability was prior to Mega Evolving. Its Defense and Sp. Defense are both improved, making it a good supporter in Double Battles and the like.”


With the Healer Ability and her improved defense, I expect Mega Audion to be a regular face in VGC tournaments rather than in Smogon’standard play. In a 6 VS 6 standard rules match, Mega Audino could be a viable Wish passer considering her already impressive base 103 HP Stat and access to utility moves such as Toxic, Refresh, Encore and Yawn.

In addition to the trailer above I’ve got some neat screenshots of Mega Audino for you to view below:

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will launch in North America, Japan and Australia on November 21. Europe will have to wait a week longer as the game is scheduled for release on November 28.

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