Zant Goes Wild In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

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Zant Hyrule Warriors In a last-ditch effort to excite fence sitters (living in Japan), Koei Tecmo has uploaded a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Wii U exclusive, Hyrule Warriors. On show, is the usurper King Zant. Embodying his psychotic tendencies, Zant flails his twins sword wildly and all the while laughing at the enemy’s agony. Zant can also summon totems, dark energy balls and statues – using these to slam unfortunate foes.

What differentiates Zant from the other playable characters in Hyrule Warriors is his inhuman movement and animistic behavior. I believe many Zelda fans would agree that Koei Tecmo has done a fantastic job in translating Zant’s personality from Twilight Princess into Hyrule Warriors.

Zant is one of three playable villains in Hyrule Warriors, with the other announced bad guys being Ganondorf and Ghirahim. For the most part, you will be playing as your favorite Zelda heroes such as Link, Princess Zelda, Impa, Darunia and many more.

Hyrule Warriors is scheduled for release on September 19 in Europe, September 20 in Australia and September 26 in North America. In Japan, Hyrule Warriors will be hitting store shelves this coming Thursday.

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Via: Koei Tecmo Official YouTube Channel

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