Miyamoto Presented This Artwork to Next Level Games

By Jocelyn Mak On 9 Aug, 2014 At 10:23 PM | Categorized As General News, News | With 0 Comment

Our favorite 2nd party developer – Next Level Games – has shared a fantastic piece of art created by the legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. The artwork was presented to Next Level Games by Mr. Miyamoto, in celebration of the fact that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has surpassed the impressive milestone of three million units sold.

Mr. Miyamoto’s artistic talent is on display in this fantastic drawing of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Additionally, being freehand adds a sense of authenticity and genuineness to the artwork, which will garner the appreciation of Next Level Games.

The artwork itself may not be worth much in terms of monetary value, but intrinsically the gift is priceless. A signed, freehand artwork from the greatest game developer of all time – is certainly something you cannot put a price tag on. Color me jealous, Next level games! You can check out the artwork below:

Source: Twitter

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