The Wii U “Five” (Ep30): Miiverse Art Feature, Q&A, Lookback

By Jason On 8 Aug, 2014 At 05:32 AM | Categorized As Videocast, Wii U, ZyroXZ2 Wii U "Five" | With 0 Comment


Having interviewed three Miiverse artists, there seems to be not much left to learn about the art.  Thus, I’ve turned to featuring the artwork itself right on my show!  Check out the first drawing submitted by Annii of the boobalicious Cia from the upcoming Hyrule Warriors!

I also do a little Q and A.  While I am a nobody, there are a few questions that have been asked of me multiple times, so I figured I’d answer them.

Lastly, having started the channel just over 6 months ago, it’s been one helluva ride, and I decide to create a little highlight reel looking back on the past 6 months.  If you have no idea what goes on in my channel, this will pretty much answer if for you! :)


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About - Jason (ZyroXZ2) created a web series called "The Wii U Five" on YouTube to show his love and support for Nintendo and their latest console... And also because he's sarcastic and loves to make people laugh and go into deep thought. People can do both, right?