August Is National Princess Peach Month

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We’ve had the Year of Zelda and the Year of Luigi! What could possibly be next? How about the month of Princess Peach? Yep, you heard that correctly! Nintendo has announced that the month of AUGUST will be the National Princess Peach Month.

This is, of course, another case of Nintendo playing silly, August is not the National Princess Peach Month as they would like you to believe, but rather the National PEACH Month – as in the fruit. Silly Nintendo!

I would have loved to celebrate a Month Of Princess Peach. For those who don’t know me well, Princess Peach is my favorite Super Smash Bros fighter and my go-to-driver in Mario Kart, so naturally I would be over the moon about a National Month of Princess Peach.

Let’s play their game anyway! What do you love about the Mushroom Kingdom’s glorious ruler? Would you like Nintendo to announced the Official Month of Princess Peach? Do you like the fruit? Let me know!

August is National (Princess) #PeachMonth, so tell us what you love about the Mushroom Kingdom’s glorious ruler.

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