Nintendo Files Three QOL Trademarks In the United States

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Nintendo’s struggle for profitability has been widely documented for the past 3 years. Despite the relative strong hardware and software sales in their dedicated handheld business – Nintendo has yet to post an annual profit since the dawn of the new console generation. With the Wii U struggling to find a strong footing in the market, and the invasion of mobile gaming into the handheld territory- Nintendo finds themselves in a difficult place.

Seemingly the hardware and software integrated business is not enough to keep Nintendo afloat, especially in a fickle market like the video game industry. Clearly, diversification is needed. Last December, Nintendo detailed announced a new business venture that will supplement their core video game business. Iwata titled the new product line as “Quality of Life,” Details on the new product line are purposefully abstruse, but we do know that QOL will follow the philosophy of “entertainment” and “improving health.”

Going by three new trademarks – Nintendo are setting things in motion in preparation for the looming launch of QOL. On July 25, Nintendo filed three trademarks for QOL in the United States.

qol trade 1 qol trade 2 qol trade 3


Reading through the description of the trademarks it certainly sounds like the product will be a video game systems. I fail to see how QOL will differs from Nintendo’s normal hardware. Nintendo has said that the QOL reveal will happen sometime in 2014, and the product will launch during the next fiscal year. I sincerely hope the venture will pays off for Nintendo.

Source: One, Two, Three Via: Neogaf

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