Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Online Multiplayer Compatible Across NA and European Version

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is certainly shaping up to be the ultimate Monster Hunter game.In a recent developer blog post, Capcoms Yuri Araujo confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s multiplayer will be compatible across the North American and European versions. Essentially, players from North America will be able to join hunting parties in Europe and vice versa. Unfortunately, it appears that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online multiplayer will not be compatible with the Japanese version.

At least, MH4 Ultimate is a stark improvement over the previous iteration of Monster Hunter on the 3DS, which funnily enough did not have online multiplayer (unless you connected through the Wii U). MH3 Ultimate on Wii U originally was region locked, however, after the fan backlash Capcom quickly patched the game. Online hunting sessions is the primary reason the series is appealing, so it is heartening to see Capcom learning from their mistakes and now taking the extra effort to nail the feature in the new installment.

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is scheduled for an early 2015 release, which means fans will need to wait a little longer before they can go hunting again.

Are you excited by the prospect of playing with other hunters across the pond? Or are you type that goes at it alone? Let us know in the comment section!

Via: Capcom Unity

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