Hyrule Warriors Screenshots of Darunia, Sheik and More

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Hyrule Warriors Screenshots of Darunia, Sheik and More

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In a valiant effort to woe die hard Zelda fans – Koei Tecmo has updated the Official Zelda Musou website with dozens of new screenshots for Hyrule Warriors. Todays gallery features the Ocarina of Time content that was announced a day ago through Famitsu.

Firstly, we finally have a better look of Darunia in action. Darunia will wield a large hammer – which I’d assumed is the legendary Megaton Hammer. In addition to that, Darunia can also curl into a ball to cannon into enemies.

The screenshots also provide us with a sneak peek of how Sheik will play like in Hyrule Warriors. From what I can gather Sheik primary weapon is her knives,  using the sharp edge to cut enemies. In addition to that, it appears Sheik can use her signature harp to cast powerful spells.

Lastly, we finally get a small glimpse of Kokiri Forest, the Deku Tree, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia and what I do believe is the Water temple.

I am gradually anticipating the release of Hyrule Warriors. I know the gameplay will likely fall short, but I am enjoying the many homages to the long and celebrated history of the Legend of Zelda series.

Hyrule Warriors is scheduled for release on September 19 in Europe, September 20 in Australia and September 26 in North America.

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Images from Zelda Musou Site.

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