More Hyrule Warriors Details Including Sheik, Princess Ruto and Darunia

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Learn More About Sheik, Princess Ruto and Darunia In Hyrule Warriors

It has become abundantly clear that Hyrule Warriors will revisit every 3D  Zelda game. The latest round of information confirms that Zelda Fans will be returning to the era of Ocarina of Time.

Yesterday, I reported that Sheik, Princess Ruto and Darunia from Ocarina will be playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. However, it seems Hyrule Warriors will pay more homages to Ocarina of Time, with the confirmation that Lake Hylia, Death Mountain and Skulltulas will be making an appearance.

Nintendo Everything has kindly shared and translated the Hyrule Warriors scans from the latest Famitsu issue. The information (and scans) has been taken from Nintendo Everything so please do check them out.



–       Toys with her enemies with ninja like movement

–       Uses the harp as her main weapon – Also carries knives

–       With the harp she can play magical melodies to assign various elemental attributes and to attack with that attribute

–       With the power of flame Sheik can drop flaming boulders on enemies

–       If you perform “unleash of magical power”, you can use the power of lightning to sweep enemies – Sheik speaks in a mysterious way that has hidden hints of the future

–       Sheik is addressed as a brave warrior from the Sheikah tribe; there is no word that she is Zelda

–       In the story, Sheik appears before Link and co. and suggests cooperation Princess Ruto – She uses magic to summon water, move and attack


–       Ruto can also unleash power that has been gathered from attacks to shoot water

–       She is proud but has a gentle heart Lake Hylia

–       When Cia twisted dimensions, lake’s surroundings were influenced with ice

Lake Hylia

–       Sheik and Impa encounter hostile Zelda in the water temple

–       Zelda also has company in the form of some monsters

–       Sheik aims the lens of truth towards the person who looks like Zelda and… (Famitsu doesn’t finish the sentence)


–       Has superhuman strength and handles the heavy hammer with ease

–       His specialty is a rolling attack

–       He can also summon the power of fire by hitting the ground

Death Mountain

–       Sheik and Impa walk towards Death Mountain to stop some monsters

–       On the way they encounter a fairy who tells them that unusual things have happened

–       Sheik and Impa then speed up their travel

–       But does that fairy shout “Hey!” with robust voice?


–       Uses halberd with a fire element

–       Can attack enemies with giant blades

–       Can also create walls of fire to pincer enemies’ movement or create dragon of flames to burn down enemies


–       Uses a big branch and lends the power of the Deku Tree

–       Uses seeds, leaves, and roots to attack

–       Can plant seeds into the ground

–       The seed will soon grow and when the transformation is complete it will unleash attacks; you can ride the Deku child

–       She can use the Deku Leaf from Wind Waker to blow enemies away from a large range

–       Original stage for this game

–       The center piece of the forest is the Great Deku Tree which is huge and has many branches

–       Great Deku Tree acts as a guardian deity

–       People have built a village in the forest; they can take shelter in the caves of the great tree

Faron Woods

–       Original stage for this game

–       The center piece of the forest is the Great Deku Tree which is huge and has many branches

–       Great Deku Tree acts as a guardian deity

–       People have built a village in the forest; they can take shelter in the caves of the great tree


–       You can pick force shards or kill enemies to build up knockout/musou attack meter

–       When it is full you can unleash a powerful knockout attack which attacks enemies from a wide area

–       There are also items that build up a magic meter

–       When full, you can perform “unleash of magical power”

–       This effect lets you attack faster


–       You can obtain the boomerang from a treasure chest and use it as an item

–       If the boomerang hits an enemy, it will make it stand still for a short amount of time

–       You may also acquire strengthening item which transform the boomerang into the Gale Boomerang – Gale Boomerang springs forth a tornado which will make enemies float

–       If enemies are hit when they are midair they will take more damage than usual


–       There are 100 Gold Skulltulas in the world

–       One will appear as an enemy if certain special conditions are met

–       If you slay one, you will get an illustration piece – You can find information about Skulltulas in the stage select screen

–       You will know that a Skulltula has appeared from a spider web like marker on the map which also pins down the location

–       Then you have limited time to find and slay it – If you are nearby, you will hear a rustling sound

–       In the picture, one of the Skulltulas is under some large boulder so bombs are needed to uncover it – Skulltula appearance is related to used weapon/character, at least in some cases

Weapon Bags

–       You can pick weapon bags from slayed enemies

–       Obtained weapons are random and you won’t know how good the weapon is until you clear the stage

–       You can also find “sealed weapons” from treasure boxes – These increase the amount of types of weapons that a character can use Weapon information screen

–       Weapon name; in the picture it is a variation of Biggoron’s Sword.

–       Rarity of the weapon. More stars means rarer.

–       Attribute. There are fire, water, lightning, light and darkness. If you use attribute that enemy is weak for, the damage will increase.

–       Attack power.

–       Skill (in picture “rupee increase”).

–       Sealed skill. Needs to fill requirements to unlock. In the picture, you need to kill 3000 enemies

–       Empty slot. You can fill these in the junk shop. At maximum you may have 8


–       More details on weapons/shopping

–       Junk shop is part of the shopmall

–       In junk shop you can compose stronger weapons by switching skills

–       Ex: swap a skill from a powerful weapon into your favorite weapon

–       There are limits on how many skills of a same skill group you can have in one weapon at once. It seems that the weapon from which the skill is swapped from will turn into materials and so it is lost


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