Wii U Purchasing Intent Grows After E3 2014 Says Report

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Wii U Purchasing Intent Grows After E3 2014 Says Report

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I firmly believe that Nintendo silenced many critics with their E3 2014 showcase. The Digital, Event, the comprehensive live streams and more importantly the games showcased  had many gamers turning their heads in genuine interest of what Nintendo was doing on the show floor.

It appears Nintendo’s revised E3 strategy has worked! According to a new survey conducted by IHS in partnership with Gameindustry.biz has shown that the purchasing interest in the Wii U has surged by 50% over the course of E3 2014.

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The survey sampled 1000 gamers on their purchasing intent before and after E3. Not surprisingly, the Wii U started with the lowest number. Gameindustry notes that after the event, 20% of respondents now intend to buy Nintendo’s unique console, equaling the same interest in the Xbox One.

It would be a tad foolish to put great weight on the survey, especially using this sample to forecast great sales for the Wii U. However, we can determine that there is a shift in perceptions on the Wii U. The accumulation of current and future games are capturing the interest of gamers. That much is clear to me! Whether Nintendo can capitalize on the post E3 momentum remains to be seen.

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Image Source: thechronicleherald, Source: Gameindustry.biz

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