Link Flexes Muscle In Hyrule Warriors Glove Trailer

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Link Flexes Muscle In Hyrule Warriors Glove Trailer

hyrule warriors ball and chain gameplay

Koei Tecmo has unleashed a brand new trailer for Hyrule Warriors. The new trailer showcases the recently revealed item – the Glove (tentative title). Working in the same fashion as the Golden Gauntlet from Ocarina of Time, the glove grants Link enormous strength, allowing him to lift and swing heavy objects.

As demonstrated in the trailer – the Glove allows Link to use the “ball and chain” with relative ease and freedom. In addition to that, equipping the glove allows Link to lift pillars, boulders and even enemies.

The Glove joins a growing list of usable weapons in Hyrule Warriors. So far we have confirmation that the Bombs, Hookshot, Fire Rod  and the Wind Waker will be available in the arsenal for our heroes to use.

Also noteworthy, is the appearance of the “Imprisoned.” From what I can gather, the Imprisoned fight will be similar to the battles that took place in the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

Hyrule Warriors is due to be released on September 19 in Europe, and in the America’s on September 26.

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