Aonuma Discusses the “Vast World” Theme In Zelda Wii U

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The legend of Zelda Wii U

During e3 2014,  Director Eiji Aonuma left Zelda fans wanting more. The short teaser wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy the ravenous appetite of enthusiasts, rather it was a small spoon of what is a very delicious main course.  One aspect that Mr Aonuma  did touch on – was the “vast world” of the Legend of Zelda Wii U, and how they intend to rethink the convention of the series.

Mr Aonuma has posted a new blog entry in the “Nintendo News” feature, reiterating the theme “Vast World” theme for Zelda Wii U. I kindly asked my sister to translate the blog – as the automatic google translate is frankly broken. You can read the translation below:


Theme of “Review Zelda’s truths”, although I haven’t said much [about it].

Wii U版では、とにかく「広大な世界で展開するゲーム」っていうことをひとつの答えにしています。
In the Wii U edition, in one answer it is said that its the “game to unfold/expand/develop in the vast world”.


So far in the game there is not much freedom in the game play, for example, “If you go to the other side beyond the mountain, i wonder what will happen?” Or “Even though it is visible from this side, I wonder what you can see from the other side?”

今回のWii U版では、本当にずーっと歩き続けようと思ったら、山を越えて、谷をわたり、はるかかなたまで歩き続けられる。

 In this Wii U version, if you really think you can keep trying to walk all the time, beyond the mountain, over the valley, you will continue to walk afar.

In such as vast world, how do we come to play the new “Zelda”…?

I want you to look forward to it!


Unfortunately, Mr Aonuma did not reveal any juicy new information, simply elaborating what was said during Nintendo Digital Event. I like the concept of a boundary less Zelda World. To be honest, I was getting tired of the fenced and walled design of the past Zelda games.

With this said, I am a little skeptical on whether Nintendo has the capacity to create an open world sandbox dense with content, and focused with tight game design. That remains to be seen! Nintendo has earned the benefit of the doubt – it is a matter of waiting to see whether they can deliver the goods. I am sure they will deliver… Right?

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