Bayonetta 2: Learn About The Inspiration Behind the Gorgeous Environments

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Delve Into The Minds Behind Bayonetta 2

Platinum games have updated their blog! This entry is written by Hiroki Onishi – the lead environmental artist of Bayontta 2. The topic today is the inspiration behind the environments. Mr Onishi says that Noatun – the main locale of the game – was heavily inspired by the cityscape and architecture of Italy and Belgium. In order to capture the essence of these cities – Platinum games had the pleasure to visit these countries.

As demonstrated below. Hiroki used the Belgium Palace as one source of inspiration.

bayonetta 2 belgium palace

bayonetta 2 in game


Here is a Florence comparison (real photo followed by in game screenshots):

bayonetta 2

bayonetta 2 in game footage

Here is a Venice comparison (real photo followed by in game screenshots):

bayonetta 2 venicebayonetta 2 in game footage 2



Going abroad provides new experiences, information, and teaches you to view things in a broader, different way than before. Even outside of work, I still make an effort to travel abroad every year. If anything, just because I learn so much from it. I actually still haven’t traveled anywhere in Asia outside of Japan, but I hope I’ll eventually have the chance to. Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

The difference between a great developer and an average one – is the lengths and dedication that one puts into their projects. Often we underestimate the colossal task of developing sublime games, perhaps, we do not have enough insight. I like what Platinum games are doing with Bayonetta 2 – which is a day one purchase. Bayonetta 2 launches in Europe and North America in October. Just a reminder the game also comes with a free copy of the original Bayonetta.

Source: Platinum Blog


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