Robin’s Smash and Special Attacks Revealed For Super Smash Bros

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All Robin’s Smash Attack and Special Moves In Super Smash Bros.

Earlier today, I reported that Famitsu revealed a few scans of Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS – revealing more details on Robin, Lucina and Captain Falcon. While I couldn’t decipher the Japanese word to word, it was fairly easy to interpret the information via the images.

Thankfully for those, who wanted detailed information – translation of the scans has emerged revealing more details about Robin’s Smash Attack and Special Moves in Super Smash Bros.

The information is VIA Eventhubs whom was lucky to receive good translations of the text presented in the Magazine scans. Robin is shaping up to be a good character. His Down Special – Nosferatu can be used to help recover some of Robin’s health. I think it is important to note – that all Robins Specials are Tomes and Spell, while his normal attacks are physical attack which involves the Levin Sword or the Bronze Sword.


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Robin’s Forward Smash

This move strikes your opponent with Robin’s Thunder Sword. However, as you can only use Robin’s Thunder Sword attacks a certain number of times, once you’ve run out of uses, this attack will hit with a regular bronze sword instead.

Robin’s Forward air attack

When performing this move, if you were to smash the analog stick in the forward direction, Robin will attack with his Thunder Sword for additional electric damage. But like all of Robin’s Thunder Sword attacks, you can only use the improved version a finite number of times.

Robin’s Down+B: Nosferatu

Purple-black smog in the shape of a snake appears right in front of Robin when this move is used. If your opponent is hit by it, he or she will be “cursed” by the spell. When a cursed opponent is hit, Robin’s health meter will recover. What’s also interesting is that if the cursed opponent is struck from the back, the amount of health Robin recovers will be larger.

Robin’s Neutral B: Thunder

Hitting the button once will activate a charging period for Robin’s Thunder spell, and hitting it again will cast it. The amount of time Robin charges will determine the version of the spell cast (Thunder, Elthunder, Giga Thunder, or Tron). 

While charging, you can also hit the shield button to cancel the move and store the charge — the next time you hit the B button, Robin will resume charging from wherever you left off previously.


Robin’s Up+B: Elwind

When this special move is performed in the air, Robin produces two green projectiles that he sends flying downwards, which simultaneously propels him upwards. However, you can only use this move a limited number of times. Once you’ve exceeded the number of uses, Robin will not produce the projectiles or jump higher.


Robin’s Side+B: Giga Fire

Robin produces a projectile that flies diagonally downwards. When the projectile comes into contact with the stage, an opponent, or an item, it will generate a pillar of fire that spreads upwards, and deal area damage to anyone nearby.


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