Nintendo’s Next Gen Handheld Could Have AMD Technology

By Michael On 14 Jul, 2014 At 02:46 PM | Categorized As 3DS News | With 0 Comment

nintendo's next gen handheld

We all know that Nintendo is already working on their Next Gen Handheld, it is not a question, if but when the handheld will be released. With the ever progressing technology of Mobile and Tablets – Nintendo’s Next gen handheld must be relatively powerful – to avoid being seen as an obsolete console when it is eventually launched into the market.

In an interview with Barrons discussing the future ventures of the company – Saeid Moshkelani of AMD has hinted that their company is interested in Semi-custom technology for handheld gaming, perhaps alluding that they are providing the technology for Nintendo’s

Another area of interest for semi-custom is handheld gaming, believe it or not. “Everyone thinks it is dead, but the [Nintendo] 3DS is still selling.”

It appears that AMD is looking to attract a contract with Nintendo to provide their technology top power the 3DS successor. I highly doubt, that Sony will be working on a successor for the Ps vita given the abysmal sales, and the near non-existent support from Sony – so one would assume this will likely be a partnership with Nintendo.

Source: Barrons, via neogaf

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