The BS “Nintendo Doesn’t Make New IP’s” Narrative Needs To stop

By Michael On 8 Jul, 2014 At 08:27 AM | Categorized As Blog | With 78 Comments

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I keep hearing the narrative that Nintendo does not make any new IP’ often, and it really baffles me, how individuals can honestly believe what is coming out of their mouths.  Frankly, I’ve had enough! I will once and for all dispel the BS narrative that Nintendo doesn’t make any new IP’s.

What spurred me to write this piece was a comment I read on my regular hangouts. The individual in question, called Nintendo fans blind, and criticized Nintendo for not making a new IP that scored above 80 on Metacritic in the last 13 years. It wasn’t just this ONE COMMENT, but this was just the tipping point, the straw that broke the camel’s back if you will.

Warning the ignorance and downright stupidity of the comment may cause cancer. (The person and forum will remain anonymous)

“Nintendo fans bother me because they are blind (or just don’t care) to the fact their company hasn’t developed a new IP with an 80+ metascore in the past 11 years. The last two games that fit in this category were Pikmin and Animal Crossing, which were 2001-2002. Seriously why don’t Nintendo fans demand new games? We all know Mario and Zelda kick ass but wouldn’t you like a better catalogue of games to compliment the those series? It really baffles me how they say nothing, and don’t jump shipor just keep a Wii/Wii U as a back up system for when a new Mario comes out.”

Frankly, it is quite easy to shut down the whole notion. One merely needs to look at the list of NEW IP’s Nintendo has made since the GameCube. Luckily, for your convenience, I have compiled the list for you. (Let me know if I missed an IP, or should exclude one)


Nintendo Gamecube

  • Pikmin
  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
  • Animal Crossing
  • Battalion Wars
  • Geist
  • Chibi-Robo
  • Odama

Nintendo Wii

  • Art Style
  • Wii series
  • Endless Ocean
  • Disaster: Day of Crisis
  • Pandora’s Tower
  • Kiki Trick
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • The Last Story
  • Zangeki no Reginleiv


  • Bonsai Barber
  • Rock N’ Roll Climber
  • PictureBook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit
  • You, Me and the Cubes
  • Eco Shooter: Plant 530
  • Snowpack Park
  • ThruSpace
  • Line Attack Heroes
  • Fluidity

Wii U

  • Wonderful 101
  • Splatoon

Game Boy Advance

  • Golden Sun
  • Magical Vacation
  • Napoleon
  • Kuririn
  • Horse Racing Creating Derby
  • Stafy
  • Tomato Adventure
  • Drill Dozer
  • Rhythm Tengoku
  • bit Generations

Nintendo DS

  • Polarium
  • Nintendogs
  • Jump Super Stars
  • Electroplankton
  • Big Brain Academy
  • Brain Age
  • Clubhouse Games
  • Magnetica
  • Elite Beat Agents
  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215
  • Trace Memory
  • Master of Illusion
  • Slide Adventure MAGKID
  • Soma Bringer
  • Jam with the Band
  • Fossil Fighters
  • Style Savvy
  • Glory of Heracles
  • Friend Collection
  • Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine?
  • Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What To Eat?


  • Aura Aura Climber
  • Art Academy
  • Kappa Trail
  • Pinball Pulse: The Ancient Beckons

Nintendo 3DS

  • Codename S.T.E.A.M
  • Steel Diver
  • Tomodachi Life

3DS Ware

  • Harmo Knight
  • Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!
  • Pushmo
  • Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western
  • Ketzal’s Corridors

Clearly, as shown above Nintendo does make New IP’s. In fact, they have made quite a number of new franchises that has turned into hits mega hit’s, take the Wii series as an example.  Even as of recent, Nintendo has churned out Steel Diver, Tomodachi Life, and  the Wonderful 101. Looking into the future Splatoon and  Codename S.T.E.A.M will be leading the charge in the case of new franchises. Holistically, Nintendo has arguably the strongest IP pool of any video game maker in the industry – it would be very difficult, almost impossible to find another company with a stronger franchise base – so  there is no sense of urgency (or no need) to pull a new franchise every year.

Hopefully, this will put an end to the “Nintendo doesn’t make any new IP’s” narrative. Hopefully, but I seriously doubt it.

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About - Michael is the proud owner and Editor-in-Chief of! He has a Bachelors Degree with First Class Honors ( try to guess his Degree), and has been writing about video games for many years. His favorite Nintendo franchises include the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon. When Michael is not playing video games – he is usually outdoors riding kangaroo’s, playing cricket or sleeping (or doing all three at the same time).

  • Trim Dose

    I bet 90 % of that game list is shovelware, if Nintendo appreciate all those “supposed” to be new IPs would make somekind of advertisement so more people would acknowledge them, but as you can see Nintendo just give a damn of new IPs and is obsessed with the love of Miyamoto and is Mario games, Nintendo is just a death row for new developers, so you shouldn’t be surprised third parties and indies are staying far away from this closed minded game company.

    • smashbrolink

      Over 250 Indies and growing are developing for Nintendo, and Nintendo were the only ones willing to step up and save both Bayonetta 2 and Devils Third.
      As for AAA Third parties, they have been shafting wii u gamers since the console released; they don’t deserve sales for their bad ports, and until they start consistently delivering better support for said ports, their support of the system is literally irrelevant.

      Nintendo’s not as as closed-minded as you think.
      Check your biased hatred at the door or don’t enter the homestead at all.

      • Trim Dose

        lol what hatred ?, those are facts dude, 250 indies ? cool now where are those games ?, wii u is going for 2 years now, look what PS4 is doing with indies right off console release day is supporting them, and for BAyo 2 and Devils Third theres something weird about that exclusivity deal, if Sony passed the opportunity of getting those games I have to admit that was pretty dumb still I find it very strange.

        • Æmæth Rex

          I didn’t realize I had been missing out on so many great exclusives/sarc 90% of those games are shovelware, and the only reason nintendo got devil’s turd is because no one else wanted it.

          • Gamingsince75

            Please show us on the doll where Mario touched you. We know it wasn’t your package cause you lack one

        • Logan Hollis

          Here they are!!! They’re currently in the development pipeline, troll.

    • fatneal

      i hate when internet experts throw around terms like “shovelware” that they picked up from ign or n4g and think they know what their talking about. its ok to have a preference but dont make up things and troll the internet like theyre facts. so you think nintendo’s success for 30+ years was because of mario…nevermind

      oh the irony of calling nintendo close-minded…in comparison to what?…i can tell youre young and sipping the koolaid poured by whichever company youre loyal to.

    • Jason Mounce

      Nah, but you could just take my post for example. This article-maker is just throwing in a giant list of games that Nintendo didn’t even make…. Nintendo published a lot of them, but the article-OP somehow thinks that Nintendo funding or publishing a game that another studio (That they don’t even own) makes it so its somehow a new ‘IP’ (Which is meant to mean, Nintendo created a New game or game series under their own departments) – This article creator just makes himself out to be a butthurt Nintendo fanboy who can’t handle trolls who say Nintendo hasn’t made a new IP since forever – but it honestly is borderline truth. Nintendo has done well to reel in games to their systems – but to try to dispute them as ‘NEW IPs’ is so flawed and idiotic that it makes my head hurt.

      He said The Last Story is a new IP by Nintendo for one example. Even though Mistwalker made it, you know, the studio made by the grandfather of Final Fantasy? The people who made Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and this delinquent names off one of their games that Nintendo published as a ‘New IP they made’? rofl. It’s be like saying Sony created ‘Journey’ when it was infact Thatgamecompany, or that Microsoft made a ‘NEW IP’ which was Lost Odyssey, or Gear of War or HALO!- the reality being, no. Other devs/studios made them….Not Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.

      • ataqueninja

        Those are Nintendo IPs, because Nintendo owns the IP. They invested in the development and they got the IP rights. Those games can’t be released in other consoles… ever.

        And even if you only count games published by Nintendo, you still have LOTS of games.

        So your complaint makes no sense.

        • Jason Mounce

          My more indepth inquiry as to the claims that they ‘Own the IP’ is the ‘Who Says?’ since Nintendo investing in a series or IP does not mean they own it. That is a massive misconception and groundless presumption. In many cases it may be true, but it’s not Absolute like everyone is making it out to be.

          Such as my examples with Mass Effect 1, Microsoft Published it – it was on PC/360 for like, 5 years before it went on PS3 though. Every xbox fan/fanboy had said it’d Never touch a Sony console.

          How about Ninja Gaiden 2? Microsoft also published it. PS3 got Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

          How about Blue Dragon? Microsoft published it, but a portable game of the series went to Nintendo DS and it was a Sequel of the first game which was only on Xbox 360.

          Or how about some Final Fantasy games like Tactics, that the original was on PS1 – but then GBA got Tactics Advance? Sony and Square had published it together. Sony clearly couldn’t get rights from them that Tactics remain with them.

          There are always Potential variation, is mostly my point. People that say ‘100%’ are fools. The guy who made this basically Copy-pasted a list someone else made and edited it slightly. No effort needed or any doublechecking on the facts on each and every name given.

          • ataqueninja

            Mass Effect? Final Fantasy Tactics? Blue Dragon?

            Those games were just PUBLISHED by Sony and MS, with a contract saying they (the games, not the IP) would remain exclusive (forever or for a limited period of time). But that’s about it.

            The game listed in this article are NOT a list of games merely published by Nintendo, this is a list of games that were actually “ordered” by Nintendo.

            Basically, Nintendo hire a company to create a new IP for them. Those are not games that Nintendo just happened to published because they wanted exclusivity.

            There are about 70 games in this list, some a pretty old by now. If what you’re saying is true, some of these IP should now be appearing on other platforms, right? Just like Blue Dragon, Mass Effect and Final Fantasy Tactics…

            But guess what? They are still Nintendo exclusives… And that’s because they’re all Nintendo IPs.

          • Jason Mounce

            Lot of them simply are published by Nintendo….if you were to do research on how the games came to be minus games like Pikmin. As for contracts of that sort. That’s exactly what I’m saying is we as the public don’t know the contracts the companies have signed unless we have future-proof to give inclination that it was temporary or permanent. We can’t PRESUME its permanent until proven otherwise. Lot in this list are games merely published, or are companies/devs that came to Nintendo because they wanted to go on Wii/DS since they were the most popular platform last gen.

            Not necessarily true. Especially if they’re just shovelware that no one wants. If it didn’t make much money on one platform, I can’t see how they’d be given a go on other platforms unless the indie or studios who did it are going to self-publish or say, PSN wise, port their game to PSM. What I’m saying isn’t that they Will or Should move to other platforms, my argument is about people basically using absolutism in their arguments like they 100% know something without actual evidence. Groundless claims and ranting, blog-material trying to be clickbait moreso.

            Only around 5-6 of the games list are noteworthy in the end, and are majority-cases on Gamecube or Wii, can’t see how it’s ‘New IP’ and that’s just a separate dispute. And again, doesn’t mean what I’m saying can’t be true. Especially in Ninja Gaiden 2’s example. It was a game that was touted to being ‘ONLY On Xbox 360′:


            ‘Never say never’ – things happen, never act cocky and act like you can trust you life with absolutism when you have no control over the contracts, is the moral of the day. Telling me ‘It’ll never happen cause trademarks!’ means nothing especially when trademarks have time limits, especially if they can expire and be taken by someone else. Especially if someone can make a game of the SAME concept, same videos, same story/series, but slap a different name on it and sell it on other consoles as per what happened with Dark Souls (It going multiplatform since Sony in this situation, has Demon’s Souls).

    • Gamingsince75

      Shovelware is a derogatory computer jargon term that refers to software noted more for the quantity of what is included than for the quality or usefulness. The term is also used to refer to software that is ported from one computer platform or storage medium to another with little thought given to adapting it for use on the destination platform or medium, resulting in poor quality.[citation needed]

      The metaphor implies that the creators showed little care for the quality of the original software, as if the new compilation or version had been created by indiscriminately adding titles “by the shovel” in the same way someone would shovel bulk material into a pile. The term “shovelware” is coined by semantic analogy to phrases like shareware and freeware, which describe methods of software distribution. Crapplet is a similar term, mostly used when referring to Java applications of a notable lack of quality.

      Maybe this will help you learn to use shovelware correctly.
      Though as a Sony fan I think the concept is beyond you. Whenever I meet an internet moron the chances of them being a Sony fan is 99%. Not sure what it about Sony that has them attracting the lowest class of people with the lowest intellect, but the excel at it. I think its mainly because most of the Sony fan base is under 16

      • BrokenGamer

        It seems sony has the pre teens screaming they are men kinda thing going for them. Shame sony lost it half way through the ps2 cycle pumping out nothing but casual hand holding dudebro games for the masses no more fun just serious wall hugging same same that was the getaway with a new story and skin each year.

    • stuohque

      You “bet?” Try playing a few of them. “Eternal Darkness” is one of my favorite games of all-time, “Golden Sun” is simply amazing. That seems to be the issue with most of those who hate on Nintendo. They “bet,” but don’t know, because they never bothered to find out. That would be like me bashing on COD, Battlefield, Halo, etc. but never having played any of them (hint: I own several titles from each of those franchises). I loved my 360 and now love my PS4… Nintendo just puts out the best first-party games on the planet. Thus, I always own an Ninty system as well.

  • Exalted Overlord Geoffrey Tim
    • fatneal

      how is xenoblade not a new ip?…it only borrows the ‘xeno’ from other games made by the same devs…kinda how the crystal chronicle games are different from the main final fantasy or how mario is different from mario party

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      It is a new IP.

  • Quetzalcoatl9999

    Even if those are new “IPS”, they are forgotten by Nintendo, just look at F-Zero.

    • xTrucho3

      F-Zero will come back you’ll see

      • Trim Dose

        yeah totally agree maybe in two or three years!!! hell yeah hooray for Nintedon’t

    • Gamingsince75

      Sony forgets most of theirs kid. Stupid comment.

      • Exposer

        Where is my Parrappa The Raper or Medievil?

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      yet it F-Zero bot in Nintendo Land, was consider being worked in the future before Mario Kart 8 in a developer interview. Captain Falcon in Smash Bros.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    The Wii-U seems kind of wimpy for new I.P. It is probably what people mean when they say no new I.P. compared to the other 2 elephants in the room. All the rest really don’t have direct competitors unless you include smartphones and the Vita and the only the Vita is a dedicated mobile gaming device. The other mobile gaming devices are all owned by Nintendo or play games as an option, but isn’t the primary purpose of the device.

  • Skwon

    Kid Icarus: Uprising should be on that list. It’s a sequel, but to such an old and nearly forgotten game, and they pushed in in such a different direction, it might as well be a new IP.

  • Jason Mounce

    You whine about trying to counter people saying Nintendo doesn’t make New IP’s…..only for you to make a list of games, many of which NINTENDO DIDN’T EVEN MAKE? Biased and deluded Article-OP.

    Let’s break some down shall we? Because, liars/fanboys always need to be put in their place:

    Gamecube Games?
    1. Eternal Darkness – Silicon Knights made it, Not Nintendo
    2. Battalion Wars – Kuju Entertainment made it, Not Nintendo
    3. Odama – Vivarium Inc. made it, Not Nintendo
    4. Geist – n-Space, Inc. made it, Nintendo ‘Helped’ and Published merely but Geist was pitched to Nintendo by the creators, n.Space.

    Welp, is this how Gamecube alone is going to do? Pikmin they indeed made on Gamecube as a New IP. It was a new good IP . . . . but one of their last….the rest they clearly begin relying on other developers to throw them the idea, or companies they bought up (like with Monolith Soft) – but not Nintendo themselves.

    I could honestly continue going on like this through your whole list, showing you why your list is not only flawed, but a spectacle of Desperation to try to prove a Moot point.

    Xenoblade? X? Monolith Soft made those games, and Nintendo did not. Nintendo now owns Monolith Soft, but that does not randomly make it so a series that’s been in existence as long as Xenoblade Saga and the like, suddenly become ‘Nintendos New IPs’.

    Artstyle? – skip Ltd. makes them – Again, Nintendo did not make this series. Nintendo doesn’t even own the company that makes these series.

    ESPECIALLY goes for The Last Story, THAT game is a great god damn studio, Mistwalker! The makers of Lost Odyssey – the mastermind being none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the grandfather of Final Fantasy. You go and say that The Last Story is a NEW IP BY NINTENDO? Don’t spit in our cupcakes and tell us its frosting.

    Gtfo. ‘Michael’ – I won’t waste anymore time doing actual research just to continue to prove you wrong. you make a giant an unconvincing list that proves absolutely nothing. You’re a Whiner who has absolutely no grasp on evidence and your strange urge to defend Nintendo by pulling out nonsensical lies just to rid yourself your bitter hatred of people who talk smack on Nintendo, cry some more.

    • miigamerz

      1. Eternal Darkness – Silicon Knights made it, Not Nintendo
      2. Battalion Wars – Kuju Entertainment made it, Not Nintendo
      3. Odama – Vivarium Inc. made it, Not Nintendo
      4. Geist – n-Space, Inc. made it, Nintendo ‘Helped’ and Published merely but Geist was pitched to Nintendo by the creators, n.Space.

      Definition of Intellectual Property:

      “Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and can be an invention, a trade mark, a design or the practical application of your idea.”

      All those games you listed are Nintendo IP’s, owned by Nintendo, they have 100% rights to the name. Therefore are Nintendo IP’s! Going by your Logic then Luigi’s mansion 2 Dark moon isn’t a nintendo IP – becuse it was made by next level games. The same with Metroid Other M? Your whole argument is a logical fallacy. Outsourcing the development means nothing, they are still owned by Nintendo.

      What an embarrassing comment! Take your own advice and do some research?

      • Jason Mounce

        That is Textbook definition of ‘intellectual property’ – but just One definition, it has Multiple definitions, and the way I was referring it to is how gamers make use of them more or less.

        By this logic, it’d be like saying since Microsoft published Mass Effect 1 on 360 – that the series is Owned by them completely and it’s MICROSOFTS NEW IP??? – – – even though it went to other platforms afterwards? Even though Mass Effect is in EA’s hands and is made by Bioware? Are we going to say “Nah, Microsoft helped pay for it, it’s Microsofts IP?” No. It isn’t. Mass Effect is not a ‘Microsoft New IP’ – it NEVER was. Same for Payday, Sony helped publish Payday 1, it’s on PS3 and PC though – Sony didn’t make the game, it’s not their IP, they didn’t develop the game. Nintendo publishing the game does not make them OWN the entirety of the games Name or the series name unless they BUY THE RIGHTS to it. Which even then? Is not ‘THEIR’ IP, unless you 100% know for sure whether or not they infact BOUGHT up the series name so it will not ever go to other consoles/platforms just as SONY bought up Demon’s Souls name. Demon’s Souls being a PS3 game that Sony Japan and From Software made together, since in THIS situation, Sony claimed it – it won’t go elsewhere. Which is why no one else got Demon’s Souls but everyone got Dark Souls instead. We as players/gamers can’t determine the business deals that Nintendo makes on whether or not the games they help publish is Forever exclusive to their platforms only unless they say it is. If they don’t? It’s up in the air. Not up for you to decide at whim groundlessly. There’s a lot of games that are Published by the Big 3 – and it’s not a Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo ‘IP’ – they just helped make it (The IP) come to fruition. If the Big 3 think the IP, Name, or Series has Potential to make sequels? THEN they buy it up before someone else does – or if they just don’t want it going on other platforms pre-emptively.

        Now for a definition to further explain how I’m using it since your Narrow-minded perception makes you think it’s a simplistic, absolutism type of word.

        “The second meaning of “IP” in gaming is “intellectual property,” a borrowed term from other entertainment industries, most probably the movie business. —–This usage differs from the technical IP, referring to big-game franchises—— such as Halo on Xbox and Metal Gear Solid on Playstation.” (Guess what? MGS is not a ‘PLAYSTATION NEW IP’ – but they did get MGS1 as a PS1 exclusive for a bit, sure. No PS Fan is labelling it a Playstation IP though. (Though many would want that to be true))

        No. My comment isn’t embarrassing at all. You being a mod or admin at that, and trying to instigate a flame-war though is pathetic. Know your place and either keep the peace Properly or not at all, especially not to cause flamewars to appease your ego, raving as if you’re a know-it-all while talking down to others.

        • miigamerz

          “By this logic, it’d be like saying since Microsoft published Mass Effect 1 on 360 – that the series is Owned by them completely and it’s MICROSOFTS NEW IP??? – – – even though it went to other platforms afterwards? Even though Mass Effect is in EA’s hands and is made by Bioware? Are we going to say “Nah, Microsoft helped pay for it, it’s Microsofts IP?” No. It isn’t. Mass Effect is not a ‘Microsoft New IP’ – it NEVER was.”

          You are going on a tangent, and is blatantly obvious you have no idea you are talking about. Publishing a game does not mean you own the IP. Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2, Devil’s third, and Monster Hunter 4 for the west, but the IP still belongs to the respective company i.e Sega, Valhalla games and Capcom.

          All the games that you mentioned in your comment, and the list i made are 100% owned by Nintendo,and is therefore an IP of Nintendo.

          To prove my point. Look at the wonderful 101 – a game made by platinum game, an independent developer, but who owns the right to the IP? Nintendo!


          I find it funny that you are playing the victim card – you called me “whiny” fanboy and yet when you get destroyed, you accuse me of flaming?

          I’ll take my win!

          • Jason Mounce

            That isn’t going on a tangent. You’re proving my point. So, good job on agreeing with me – which counters your original statement which was flawed. A bit ironic but since I take you as a fool, there’s no change to the contemporary problems at hand.

            “the list i made are 100% owned by Nintendo”

            100% Owned by Nintendo? Even though they only published them?….Well, by all means, please show the paperwork and evidence to back this up. I’ll be waiting here, since apparently you know Internally what Nintendo has done in their contracts and agreements. You say they own them all? It shouldn’t be a problem to direct me to evidence, no? I’ll be waiting for something other than your immaturity and blatant ignorance.

            Kay, you gave Proof of ‘One’ game. Just ONE. Now – do the rest for All the games that were named. Giving a list in the article and only providing evidence to support One claim means nothing. It’s you being dodgy and saying ‘Nintendo owns them all’ – without giving actual proof that makes you and stories like this, sound like it’s just made by a deluded and desperate fanboy trying to protect their precious childhood sweetheart.

            Victim? Lmfao When was I playing victim? I’m telling you that your reasoning is flawed, groundless and presumptuous since you Claim a GREAT amount of things yet prove very little. I can’t see how I’m playing a victim here, whatever makes you sleep better at night.

            Now you claim I’ve been ‘Destroyed’ – because….you what? Provided One singular piece of evidence….? Now go ahead and provide this evidence for ALL the listed games. Yes, you are flaming, telling you to not cause flaming-drama in the name of professionalism is what most websites should strive for, instead of letting little kids and amateurs who let their egos and emotions get the better of them. I’m not the one who’s representing anyone or any place. It’s those kind of reasons why websites like this will remain obscured in the dark and hidden from the professional spotlight. It’s a protip to your flawed and incoherent manner of socializing with me, not a cryout of me claiming ‘victimization’.

            Those who proclaim groundless victories over the internet tend to be from the type of people who’re the most insecure and desperate. Did your mommy not give you enough attention so you have to stroke your ego and create a website to support some form of favouritism that uses anecdotal evidence and groundless claims as its source?

            By all means, I’m running out of popcorn here. Please do go on about your E-Winnings little boy. Just remember not to make a response until I get a nice list of Evidence to go with your crying as you become further defensive.

          • miigamerz

            ” Those who proclaim groundless victories over the internet tend to be from the type of people who’re the most insecure and desperate. Did your mommy not give you enough attention so you have to stroke your ego and create a website to support some form of favouritism that uses anecdotal evidence and groundless claims as its source?”

            Sound like you are mad? At least I don’t need to resort to cheap insults to make a poor foundation of an argument. All i read is personal attack without any strong arguments.

            I’ve given you examples of proof, and yet you refuse to accept them. I am not the one looking bad here.

            Does it hurt that your pride has taken a hit! It sure does sound like it!

          • Jason Mounce

            “At least I don’t need to resort to cheap insults”

            Too late for that chump. That and you didn’t even need to dispute the fact that I called you desperate. You don’t even deny it, you simply respond back in a wannabe-troll style. Man I wish I was as cool as you. Lol

            My arguments are already laid in stone. You just don’t seem to be a good reader, you’re selectively ignoring all the points I made whilst you continue getting more and more desperate. Whenever there’s a dispute, you know the person who relies on Troll-related anything and memes is the first to show weakness. Such as yourself.

            Not enough examples of proof. You gave very little. It’d be like telling me 100 cups of juice are in your fridge – so you show me 5 cups and tell me to take your word on the 95 others that you claimed could fit in there. Your logic is flawed if you think giving ‘5 examples’ makes you completely correct.

            If believing that makes you sleep better at night? Nintendo fanboys are always the most desperate in trying to make themselves feel bigger than they actually are. I mean, I could just look at your whole ‘Michael profile info’ and it sounds sad enough how badly you scream of Feral Fanboy, your kind are really taken seriously at all…

          • BrokenGamer

            ok you go off and disprove him then oh you are dumb didn’t make it out of grade school and have no idea how to research a fact.

          • miigamerz
          • Jason Mounce

            Yes, I would like more. For Each game on the list :) You said ‘ALL’/100% of the games listed. So, keep it coming 😀

          • miigamerz

            Basically, you can’t admit you are wrong.

          • Jason Mounce

            No need to admit I’m in the wrong when you’re not doing your job and providing 100% evidence. You give 5% and call it a day. You desperately rely on Troll-tactics as if it escapes you from your responsibilities and you act like a child and think yourself a victorious warrior over an online-dispute. You’re a kitten who imagines himself a lion and it’s quite charming to watch.

            But please, go on about the hypocrisy if this new statement you’ve made. I’ll again be waiting Right here for that ‘100% Owned by Nintendo’ even though I already gave you an example of one that is no longer owned by Nintendo. Thus proving my point, 100%? You were wrong. Suck it up.

          • miigamerz

            Where is that proof? Eternal darkness is owned by nintendo! Show me the legal document?

          • Jason Mounce

            “Word Mark: ODAMA
            Status/Status Date:

            CANCELLED – SECTION 8

            Oh hey look. You were in the wrong. But thanks for posting the Odama-link to prove my point – again. I’ll continue watching you cry in denial if me sympathizing you will make you feel better. Whilst waiting for the entire rest of your Links showing that Nintendo still owns as you proclaimed “ALL of the games in the list’ – the list you Stole from another site and didn’t bother to look into each one of them to see if they Are infact owned.

            1 to 5 links does not cover ALL the rest of the names on the list. Keep going, reach for the stars! Prove that Nintendo owns all that Shovelware as well. 😛 Am sure it’ll make your life feel full of purpose 😛 Though if you don’t mind? I’m going to go get some sleep. Dealing with desperate Nintendo fanboys gets me tired REALLY quickly. Especially having to repeat myself and go “Give more evidence, give actual evidence, why is it you can only give scraps and tidbits of evidence but never the whole thing?”

            I feel like I’m talking to a broken record-player who imitates a small boy in personality.

          • miigamerz

            it was owned by nintendo, they didn’t renew omg. Are you really that stupid

          • miigamerz

            Where is the eternal darkness document?

          • BrokenGamer

            you do know you can own the rights to an ip and never release anything from it right kid?

          • miigamerz
          • Jason Mounce

            You repeated the Odama link twice…. and Odama was the one that Nintendo doesn’t own anymore because it was cancelled.

            And I’d not even dispute that Nintendo owns Pikmin. rofl.

            That is quite embarrassing for you. Having to use the same piece of evidence Twice in a row and acting like it proves you right. LOL

            LINE ATTACK HEROES? – It says ABANDONED.

            And you said not looking good for me at all? XD. Yer killing me.

          • miigamerz

            Oh my god. It like talking to a wall. It was owned by nintendo, clearly they had no reason to renew it.

          • Jason Mounce

            See, now I know I’ve won this. You can’t even make a proper rebuttal, not like you ever could. Just desperation after desperation. Excuses and more excuses, childish claimings’ of victory after ego-stroke and more ego-stroking.

            You’ve become flustered and have gone Full-retard. Anyone with half a brain would be able to deduce that you act like a child and should not give you the time of day. I asked for evidence and all you could do is spam the same links repeatedly to a handful of games – but never for all of them. You lost before you even began, you’re just too stubborn to admit it.

            Now this is where I say goodnight and you enjoy wrestling with yourself in that mud you love so much little piggy. :)

          • miigamerz

            Yep you won. I can’t win against stupidity :)

          • BrokenGamer

            ” See, now I know I’ve won this. You can’t even make a proper rebuttal ”

            Ha from this line i’d say you were the one trying to stroke your ego. I’m 100% you are nothing more than 13 years young. Shame mummy locks you indoors all day with nothing but a tv and a shitty mobile phone.

          • miigamerz

            I am done here, there is no point talking to someone who has an intellect of a 2 year old.

          • Jason Mounce

            “Michael is the supreme master of the Miiverse and the proud owner of! He is a University Graduate majoring in the fine Arts and an avid Nintendo fan majoring in Zelda”

            I feel bad, being trash-talked by a person who majors in Zelda. I should know my place. LOL

          • miigamerz

            Did you even finish kindergarten? Sure doesn’t look like. Can’t comprehend basic arguments

          • Logan Hollis

            This article was about IP that Nintendo have CREATED within the 13 years not the ones they currently own. You have no argument.

          • Jason Mounce

            The argument thrown at me is infact the opposite. You got things flipped around.

            I’m disputing and trying to simply get the evidence on which they Still own, or which they HAVE infact created internally (Like Pikmin). Just me saying you shouldn’t count Devs they paid off to make a game for them, like Eternal Darkness by a studio that is not owned by Nintendo. The name and series and conept is theirs because they bought it and that there is visible proof of these claims, but see it Silly to include it in some massive list whilst claiming its ‘All New IPs they made’ which sounds more like the things people say by the minds of Nintendo such as Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, Eiji Aonuma, Koji Kondo, Yoshio Sakamoto and so on.

            I do, have an argument. People are just being really nitpicky and defensive with the literal definition of the word ‘IP’. No ones’ even Trying to grasp the direction I’m discussing, even though I’ve made a lot of good examples.

          • BrokenGamer

            man you are crying so hard i bet you wish you didn’t spit out ya dummy.

          • Jason Mounce

            Oh, by the way. I love how you just stole / copy-pasted the list and made ever-so-slight alterations from this website:


            It’s sorta funny, that you don’t give reference to where you got your list compilation at that. You go to a random-other website, copy-paste and make a rant – which again the bigger picture being that I request Actual evidence that Nintendo owns the names, series and the like.

            For example, I know that Eternal Darkness was Reclaimed by Nintendo because they were about to run out of time and had to extend ownership. This makes this One other game concrete that they own Eternal Darkness, what I’m trying to tell you, in that thick skull of yours is to simply provide evidence that they do infact own all of that – of what games they DIDN’T extend ownership to, of games they never owned. As you claim to be a person who knows they own ALL of them 100% which I am calling a bluff until you provide them.

            Whilst having to tolerate your ramblings, immaturity, childish mud-slinging and blatant lack of professionalism, tact – yada yada, course. You can’t just simply go and say “Here’s the list that proves my point that they own them all still” – course not. That would require actual Work.

          • Jason Mounce

            And for one example I want a Direct answer from you with evidence attached.

            Endless Ocean-wise, the predecessors of that series was made on PS2 first (EVERBLUE 1/2). So with what certainty are you going to tell me that Nintendo owns the franchise unless you have evidence to it? As you seem to be telling me, if it’s on their console – it means they magically own it. If they publish one game it means they own the series.

            This all ends in, are you still trying to proclaim that if Nintendo publishes a game, they Instantly own it with your evidence being ‘Because I say so’. Even though there are tons of examples that prove a company doesn’t own an IP or series or game even if they are the publishers for it, which I provided?

            Step your game up chump.

        • BrokenGamer

          you are so dumb it’s not even funny anymore.

        • Logan Hollis

          You are comparing apples to oranges. You’re correct in that Microsoft does not own the Mass Effect IP, but that is because they did not buy it. All of the game that put up there had contract that essentially stated that the IP belongs to Nintendo. If Nintendo was just publishing it, then you would be right; they’re not just publishing it, though. They bought the IP. Case in point, The Wonderful 101. Nintendo paid for all of its development and commissioned Platinum to make it. It is still a Nintendo IP. In regards to Xenoblade, NIntendo is MonolithSoft’s parent company, so by extension Nintendo owns the IP. You forget that the games was not orginally called Xenoblade, but rather it was called Monado: Beginning of the World. The Xenoblade name was added to give it marketability due to the slight relation to Gears and Saga, but they are not the same IP.

          • Jason Mounce

            Indeed, they did not own it. Though there’s a fine line of what knowledge is given to the public or what remains undisclosed. The fans and gamers weren’t in-the-know that Mass Effect would’ve inevitably gone to PS3. No one did, there was that online flame-debate on Bioshock being temporary exclusive on 360, Oblivion and Mass Effect being a good few to name off. Non-Disclosure Agreements of how long the contracts are for or if the developer responsible are allowed to make the game on any other console UNLESS it is fully bought up. Which the company may make it publically available or if we can find it listed under the sites used in one of the other, older comments littered here.

            Whether the company buys it fully, temporarily – the one-game, or the series as a whole remains to be questioned unless we’re told so – is my argument :L If evidence is attached – you don’t hear me complaining. But it’s people telling me ‘100% fact gtfo I don’t need to give evidence’ kind of stuff I don’t tolerate. It’s like most internet journalists who these days just run articles all day long about ‘Rumours’ they heard from ‘Inside Sources’ – from Neogaf or Reddit and its like – Uhh, kay! Proof? Logic behind the claim? Lol.

            Yea, Nintendo did buy up Monolith, which makes any and all future games by them -Their- IPs starting when they were bought it up. Though it’s disputable on the fact that it is not simply a ‘Nintendo made IP’ TECHNICALLY – but by Law and by business, yes. When I as, some form of old-fashion Nintendo fan/gamer of the past try to think about ‘What games has NINTENDO made’ – I don’t think about the extensions, it seems like partially cheating in the spectrum of making big lists to blur the line between Nintendos Internal staff – and those they buy up with money. The ones responsible for Mario/Zelda/Metroid, Starfox and the like. I want to know THEIR new IPs’. Not what Nintendos’ Extensions have done. Know what I mean? ‘Nintendo’ the company, made Pikmin. Not Capcom to handheld Zelda games, no 2nd-party studio, no 3rd party – or a studio Nintendo paid in-full to make them a ‘New IP’, like how Metroid Prime wasn’t done ‘By them’ – but they own the IP and Series, that, I don’t dispute, clearly. – I just don’t count those with headlines like this. It feels like cheating in the whole spectrum of ‘The Big 3s Own games’.

      • Gamingsince75

        Waste of time idiots like him make up definitions to continue to hate

        By his logic Sony doesn’t make new is either.

        Just let the bottom feeders play. It’s not like their console has any games so all these children have is being children

        • Jason Mounce

          Sony has many internal studios who infact make games and new IPs. Publishing a game and having no developmental hand in things and calling them Nintendos IP is like cheating. Like people who try to act like they’re Super popular by adding 5000 friends on facebook and Steam even though they only know 10 or 30 of them off by heart.

          All the Big 3 companies rely on 2nd party and 3rd party support, although the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation was considered the Last generation where Third-party studios gave exclusive rights to a singular platform unless it was ‘Bought up completely’ as per the arguments flying around here.

          EA makes a lot of New IPs. Nintendo ‘buys’ new IPs for fanboys to call it ‘Theirs’? Goody Goody. My point being, I’d rather have it that Nintendo makes more games and new IPs’ themselves other than the Mario and Luigi onslaught they’ve been pushing out. I remember the good ole days when Nintendo had a big hand in many games. Not simply buy an IP and call it a day and keep it in a Vault to perhaps one day re-use or not, Quality over Quantity. No need to act like a child and point fingers labelling others as a child, you won’t win maturity points by taking shots at others who’ve done you no wrong.

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            Who funds the development. The publishers.

            Therefore who ever owns that studio owns the IP.

          • Jason Mounce

            These comments are all too old to get back into. So I’ll give just ONE EXAMPLE to tell you ‘No’, not always, now stop’.

            Mass Effect 1

            [/Done, stahp]

      • BrokenGamer

        wow someone with some knowledge of ip ownership bit wasted on these sheeple though. I find it even more amusing that people who hate nintendo seek out a nintendo orny site that’s just pathetic.

        • miigamerz

          Thanks man, arguing with him was like talking to a wall – it was going nowhere. I am glad, that someone at least understands the argurment. Would you be interested in our giveaway? We are giving away super smah bros for wii u for Free

          • BrokenGamer

            Hey i’d feel bad getting even more free nintendo stuff than i have already. all that free dlc a free game for buying mk8 and a ton of cash back from my digital purchases…..But oh go on one more free thing can’t hurt ^^

          • miigamerz

            you know you want to

  • Gamingsince75

    It’s funny watching Sony fan boys attack Nintendo for paying other companies to make games.. now we can discount most of Sonys cause other companies made them. Example nothing by naughty dog can be considered a Sony game.. I know fan boy logic though. It’ll count for Sony for some lame reason..

  • refat17

    My problem with this thought is less about what people think of Nintendo and more about other devs. I rarely see many new IPs from other devs. That or we see games that take same ideas from others (the zombies games, 3rd person action games, FPS). Even if not all to a large skill, at least Nintendo tries to make a new IPs with NEW IDEAS AND NEW GAMEPLAY.

  • TehEngineer

    Amen to this. I agree with it from the title alone.

    • miigamerz

      And yet we have people in denial still… SMH

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        what can you expect. When they are proving wrong like always they go a calculate other possible stuff to say like “kiddy”, “shovelware”, “dead IP” and other crap.

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  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Animal Crossing was on N64 IIRC

    • Exposer

      But the GC one was a enhanced port and was realease worldwide.

  • Ryudo9

    List is missing Captain Rainbow on Wii and Giftpia on Gamecube