North American Bayonetta 2 Will Come With Disc Copy Of Bayonetta

By Michael On 7 Jul, 2014 At 01:55 PM | Categorized As Wii U News | With 0 Comment

bayonetta wii u physical copies

Nintendo has clarified that Bayonetta 2 will be accompanied with a disc copy of the original Bayonetta for North America. During E3 2014, Nintendo announced that the original Bayonetta will be offered free when you purchase Bayonetta 2. Since then, we have  discovered that the retail SKU of Bayonneta 2 in Japan and specific SKU’s in Europe will have a disc copy of Bayonetta 1.

However, there was a little confusion how Nintendo will handle the distribution, will it be a physical copy of Bayonetta 2 + a digital version of Bayonetta or will it be both physical copies. And how will the digital side of things will be handled?

Thankfully, Nintendo Everything has received clarification from Nintendo clearing up the confusion. In North America, Retail SKU of Bayonetta 2 will come with a disc copy of the original Bayonetta. Those who opt for a digital version, will be able to download the Bayonetta at no additional cost.

Bayonetta  2 will launch on October for North America and Europe.


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