New Zelda Survey Suggests Ocarina of Time Is Fan Favorite; Followed by Majora’s Mask

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Ranking the best Zelda game of all time is historically a hotly debated topic. Each Zelda fan has their favorite which they insist is the best. It’s not hard to see why – not counting the CD-i Zelda – each mainline Zelda game in their own right are masterpieces, picking the best is like choosing which Victoria’s Secret Model you would like to have as a wife – it’s a problematic dilemma. However, a recent research has shown interesting insights.

Max Nichol’s from Zelda Data published his finding in a recent research he conducted.  Surveying thousands of Zelda fans his research came up with some interesting results.   Before we get into the interesting statics it is important to note the methodology and sample in which Nichol’s used to gather his information. The survey was advertised at a number sources including Zelda Informer, Zelda Universe, Reddit Zelda Community and through other connections and outlets. Max notes 5, 890 individuals participated in the survey, which in my opinion is a fantastic sample, especially since the poll was conducted on the hunting grounds of Zelda fans.

What I am interested in, is what Zelda title does fans consider to be their favorite game. The results are interesting to say the least.

favourite zelda game

Not surprising, Ocarina of time is number one garnering a 24.5 % share. Majora’s Mask closely follows in second place with 22%. Surprising, A Link To The Past, is ranked number 6 being beaten by Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. Max notes that individuals are more biased toward their first Zelda game,  and will likely to vote that as their favorite game. Which might explain why the modern games are ranked. In addition, he notes that the respondents that played all Zelda games showed startlingly different results:

  1. Majora’s Mask: 26%
  2. Ocarina of Time: 23%
  3. The Wind Waker: 11%
  4. A Link to the Past: 10%
  5. Twilight Princess: 8%

Unfortunately, handheld Zelda games don’t fair well – with a Link between worlds ranking the highest. I think it is clear that Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask are overwhelmingly the fans’ favorite. So where is that Majora’s Mask remake Nintendo? There are other interesting statistics found in the research so I highly suggest you read it. In addition, Zelda Dungeon has a more comprehensive breakdown of the statistics, you should check that out as well.

So what is your favorite Zelda game? Let me know in the comment section.

Please go check out Zelda Data for the full research.


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  • thetrooper1998

    Mine is Majora’s Mask, easily

  • Andrew

    I’m sad to see A Link to the Past that low. It’s my favorite. I’m glad to see Majora’s Mask so high in the list though. It was really special and showed how a Zelda game could tackle themes other than “save the princess and the kingdom.”

    • miigamerz

      I was surprise a link to the past was so low.

  • Spencer

    In my opinion, the best Zelda ever is Ocarina of Time without question or even hesitation.

    • miigamerz

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    • Dakan45

      nuff said.

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      Greatness is a LIE, ps4 confirmed by yoshida…wil have less AAA games because they are too expensive and cant afford them.

      Yes the last of us got downgraded and uncharted 2.

      You gonan defend killzone 2 up next?

      • Spencer

        Bro, this is an entirely different article. Get a fucking life

        • Dakan45

          Not anymore, you get a lfie licking ps4s and damage cotnroling for sony isnt a life you idiot.