Mario Kart 8 – Tips and Tricks to Online Success

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mario kart 8 tips and tricks

Winning online races in Mario Kart 8 are much more difficult than it was in MK Wii. With the bikes and items being more balanced – maintaining a lead, and therefore winning races requires  a little more strategy. Let me be your guide to online success – here are some  tips and tricks that will help you dominate online in Mario Kart 8.

1. Learn the courses inside out by practicing them in time trials

This should be your priority – learning all the courses inside out is my number one tip. Learning the correct lines, nailing the turns and knowing the shortcuts will put in you in good stead in online matches. My best advice is doing time trials – aim to improve your best time with each attempt – this will encourage you to learn the shortest lines and nail the sharp turns without over-drifting.

2. A good start could lead to a good race

Every Mario Kart fan knows this trick… Well, they should. Before the race begins, pay attention to Lakitu’s countdown – as soon as 2 hits immediately hold the acceleration button – if done this should rocket you into speed. Gaining momentum at the beginning of the race is especially important in Mario Kart 8, as being in the cluster puts you in danger of being hit often.

3. Collect them coins

Collecting coins should be a top priority. Obtaining a coin gives you a miniscule boost, but more importantly collecting coins increases your top speed. Your aim should be getting 10 coins as soon as possible.

4. Protect your bum

Nintendo took away the ability to hold two items simultaneously, unfortunately this has made protecting yourself much more difficult. Therefore, I recommend playing defensive when in the lead, by having at least a banana, green shell, red shell or super horn in your disposable in case someone attempts an attack.

5. Get physical when in gravity.

A newly introduced mechanic in the Mario Kart series – when in gravity mode, making contact with other karter’s and specific bumper will give you a small boost. Milking these boosts is a great strategy, let’s be honest, sometimes seconds can be the difference



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