How Minecraft On The Nintendo 3DS Might Turn Out

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How Minecraft On The 3DS Might Turn Out

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Minecraft is a perfect fit for the Nintendo 3DS. The dual screen and touchscreen functionality fits perfectly with Minecraft’s UI. A match made in heaven, in  my opinion. It comes as a little surprising that Minecraft is not yet available for the Ninendo 3DS and the Ninendo Wii U. I do believe Minecraft is coming to the 3DS, and the Wii U, it is just a question of when.

In a recent interview with Mr Miyamoto and Mr Takahashi hinted at the great possibility that Nintendo will partner up with Mojang to heighten the popularity of Minecraft in Japan with the 3DS. Well, it was not official confirmation, we can take this as a good indicator that Minecraft is indeed in the works.

More crumbs have been scattered across the floor, that a 3DS version of Minecraft is currently being looked into. A developer from Mojang AB (behind the upcoming Minecraft Pocket Edition for Mobile devices) Tomasso Checci took to reddit to answer fan’s question regarding the mobile version of the game. One fan, asked whether the progress shown in the  version 1.0 of the Pocket Eidtion would eventually to a 3DS port. Checci had this to say:

3DS would never have infinite worlds though, AFAIK [as far as I know] it could at most get a graphically downscaled version of 0.8…

It is rather unfortunate that if a 3DS version is to be released – the core experience would be hampered by the technical limitation of the hardware. I myself would be hesitant to buy a 3DS Minecraft if this were the case, especially if I could get a superior version on my phone, or better yet on PC’s and console.

Nevertheless, a big name franchise in Minecraft is always welcome! The more games the merrier, Right?

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